Behind The Scenes: The Birds (1963)

Of course a respectful tip of the hat to Quint over at Ain’t It Cool News for his continuing excellent Behind the Scene series, and another big thank you to Rajneel Singh for sending the photo.

Alfred Hitchcock’s the Birds is probably one of my favorite of his films, I was able to see it on a Sunday morning in my youth thanks to TBS. The first time it was aired they didn’t even edit out the “infamous” missing eyes scene which caused me to jump about a foot in the air, that scene is so quick it’s almost subliminal. Just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the movie I’ll make sure to keep my foot out of spoiler territory, but after it was over I remember as were getting ready to go to the grocery store asking my Father why the birds had started attacking everyone. He shook his head and said maybe the birds were just angry with how people were treating everything…we stepped out the door and the trees were full of black birds. We got in the car and when my Father slammed the door shut they all took off cawing…it was one of the most surreal moments of my life. But enjoyable.

The Birds (1963)

I do not find bird all the scary, even after watching this movie for the 80th time I have my doubts about their ability to take me down. I mean c’mon they have hollow bones right? I know that, so my disbelief was not suspended when these guys were breaking windows and such.

I am pretty sure I could start swinging a piece of wood and take down a half dozen per swing. If I had a couple of buddies, I am sure we could take down even a large swarm. We are the people who killed off the Passenger Pigeon and those guys would black out the sky over huge area. Your telling me a localized swarm is terrifying? Now if these birds all had switchblades, it would be a different story. Birds…Pffft. Might as well have made “The Butterflies”.

I’ll say one thing. The promo art is pretty cool.