Computer Garage

Do You Remember 1972’s Sears Computer Garage?

You would think that in my youth I would have been attracted to more car toys. Especially a playset advertising itself as a Computer Garage. When you add in the fact that my Family had their own garage and auto dealership, it would obviously make sense that I wanted Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to play with, right?

That was sadly not the case when I was growing up. Furthermore I would possibly have rather had dental work than receive toy cars. In the light of what I just said however there were a few “car” toys that I was happy to get. Like the Batmobile, or the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard as well as Ideal’s Evel Knievel’s Stunt Cycle!

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Consequently when my Cousin, Brandon, and I received that stunt cycle set on the same Christmas. There were EPIC charges of those toy daredevil’s at each other across the kitchen floor. How we managed to not trip any of our relatives while tiny Evel Knievel’s were darting everywhere I will never know.

Eventually I managed to amass a small but stylized collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox vehicles. Thanks to various family members giving me their hand-me-down toys. In truth some of those fit my overall love of science-fiction toys at the time, fueled by 1977’s Star Wars naturally.

Which is in fact why when back in the day one Summer when I was with my Grandmother at a garage sale. I didn’t just pass by a rather odd looking playset – The Sears Computer Garage. Now even at that age, which was around eight I was very interested in all things related to computers. Thanks to brief encounters with the Commodore Vic-20 and the TRS-80.

I was intrigued by the playset which was basically a motorized gondola. When a kid would use the plastic numbers – a “coded” computer card. It would rotate to the number of the stall that had been selected. With the aid of a lever at the base of the Sears Computer Garage – the car would be ejected.
Computer Garage

Now in all honesty, there were two other reasons I wanted to buy it. It was only a mere fifty cents and worked to boot. But most importantly, inside one of the stalls I could see Captain America’s van!

Image courtesy of the Hot Wheels Wikia.

I was actually able to talk my Grandmother into giving me the money and took the Sears Computer Garage home. It basically acted as a storage unit for my tiny toy car collection. Until a couple of years later I in turn sold it at my Grandmother’s garage sale.

Thanks to MootSooToo’s YouTube channel you can see the Sears Computer Garage in action!

Watch The Original 1966 Batmobile Sell For 4.2 Million Dollars!

The Batmobile from the 1966 Batman television series was certainly the perfect iconic vehicle for the Dynamic Duo to cruise in while protecting the good citizens of Gotham City. The Batmobile vehicle was designed and built by George Barris, in fact due to time constraints put upon him by the showrunners he used the Lincoln Futura – a concept car – that he picked up in the mid-1950s. After hiring Gene Cushenberry to modify the original vehicle – after three weeks time it was ready to go in front of the cameras for the soon to be a megahit for the ABC network.

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The Batmobile - Auction
It wasn’t just the Batman TV series that garnered fame but George Barris as well. Soon he was asked to provide another memorable car for television, this time with The Munsters Drag-U-La and their touring vehicle with the Munster Coach among many others for various series and even celebrities like Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Elton John to name just a very few.
The Batmobile - George Barris
George Barris owned the Batmobile for fourty-seven years when in January of 2013 he was present to oversee the auctioning of the Caped Crusaders trusty vehicle at the Barrett-Jackson car show in Scottsdale, Arizona. When the final hammer came down it had sold for a staggering 4.2 Million Dollars and thanks to The BatFan you can watch the entire event – I’m not sure what the vehicle is that we first see in the video…it almost looks like a Bond car but I can’t place it.

George Barris passed away in November of 2015 but he most certainly left behind a lasting legacy of entertaining and memorable vehicles throughout numerous television and films. If you would like to know a bit more about Barris and the company he created to manufacture custom cars and replicas, hop on over to Barris Kustom Industries.