The Lurch

Retro Records: Ted Cassidy’s The Lurch (1965)

Normally on Retro Records we share one of the vintage Power Records or the like. Today however we are taking a look at the 1965 novelty record The Lurch. Which was of course a song based on Ted Cassidy’s character from The Addams Family television series.

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The B side of The Lurch featured a song entitled Wesley. Both songs were performed by Cassidy on the 1965 musical variety show Hollywood a Go Go. I do apologize, while the video and audio quality is excellent. You will in addition have to contend with the “For Research Only” label.

Having said that I feel it is worth the ‘hassle’ for a chance to watch a vintage piece of television history.

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Ted Cassidy’s booming bass voice lends itself surprisingly well to that country tune. At least I thought so. The Lurch was written by Gary Paxton, the same man who produced both Alley Oop and The Monster Mash. With Wesley being written by Cliffie Stone and Scott Turner. Here is a fun fact for you – Stone who was an accomplished recording artist himself happened also to be the manager of Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Cassidy, while perhaps best remembered as Lurch also had a successful career playing the heavy in film and television. Such as Star Trek, I Dream of Jeannie, and The Six Million Dollar Man.

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In addition to the occasional novelty song, Cassidy was prolific in doing voice over work for both live action and animated series. Beginning with Hanna-Barbera he provided voices for Space Ghost, Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, and Godzilla to name a few. I knew him best however as both the villainous Black Manta and Braniac from the Challenge of the Superfriends!

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The Addams Family: Family Tree (1964)

With Halloween night just a scant few days away, it seemed the perfect time to drop in and spend just a little time with one of the greatest families ever shown on television, the Addams Family. When I was growing up I would have to choose which show to watch after school, the Addams or the Munsters. The Munsters always won out of course…because I loved the Universal Monsters! However, when I hit my early teens I came to realize that I found the Addams Family to be the better show.

In this episode, the Addams Family Tree, which debuted on October 16th, 1964 we find the Addams in a predicament. After Pugsley and Wednesday are called kooks and even inferior because of their family at the birthday party of Harold Pomeroy, Gomez is enraged and demands that his and the Pomeroy family tree be investigated by the Pomeroy genealogist.

Thanks to MGM Digital Media for uploading this on their YouTube channel.