Terry Gilliam’s Deleted Animations from Monty Python & The Holy Grail

I love the various works of the Monty Python crew, and I’m an especially big fan of their greatest movie – Monty Python & THe Holy Grail. This is a film that I must have watched a dozen times and I expect to watch it many more times in the future! Today I learnt that it is getting another re-release in the form of a 40th anniversary “Blu-Ray, DVD and limited edition castle gift set” and I was intrigued enough by that gift set option that I went searching for more info.

What I found was the video below, one of the new disc extras, featuring the genius that is Terry Gilliam commentating on some of the deleted animation work from the film!

The gift set, if you’re interested, includes “Catapult packaging and rubber farm animals” – nothing strange about that!