Skynet Symphonic (Terminator 2 Remix)


Comprising nothing but small sounds recorded from the James Cameron masterpiece ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’, ‘Skynet Symphonic‘ is a tribute to one of the greatest action features of all time! Each section is composed entirely of sounds from a major scene in the film. For example, the Terminator pounding on the fire escape door is used as a kick drum. Bones breaking play the role of a snare. Electrical disturbance acts as a crash cymbal.

Terminator 2 Bio-Flesh Regenerator Toy

Do you love action figures, but when you go to pull back their soft flesh you only meet hard plastic and are only rewarded with busted and bent fingernails? Well no more, the Terminator 2 Bio-Flesh Regenerator Toy from Kenner allows you relive all of your flesh pealing fantasies with its state of the art vac-u-flesh technology!

Pretty cool looking huh? If like me you are worried about potential embarrassing nudity. You will be glad to hear that the regenerator adds a flesh covered layer of skin over the bathing suit area. Whew, it might be embarrassing if it didn’t