Telltale Games – Jurassic Park Trailer

In 1993 I was under the spell of Jurassic Park, I was not only a fan of the movie like so many others but also I cherished my Mark “Crash” McCreery Velociraptor T-Shirt, the toys, and then…came the task of transforming the video store where I worked into Jurassic Park with it’s release on VHS and Laserdisc. Glorious days.

That spell may be cast on me again. It looks like Telltale Games after successfully transforming the Back to the Future film series into a hit PC/Mac/iPad and PS3 title are now ready to set their sights on the prehistoric wildlife of Isla Nublar and the unfortunate people trapped on it.

Set during the incidents of the first film specifically SPOILERS Nedry’s loss of that Barbasol can of Dinosaur embryos due to becoming a Dilophosaur’s rainstorm snackEND SPOILERS. Well, Telltale Games allows you to play a character that was supposed to meet Nedry on that dock and when he doesn’t show up, you go after that very important shaving cream can. The Barbasol can apparently had a tracking sensor in it…which actually makes a whole lot of sense when you consider they were paying Nedry 1.5 Million dollars to smuggle it out.

Telltale Games also said this is their first title that you can make decisions that will end up getting a character killed…which I think we see in that trailer. It’s going to be interesting to see how the paths of these characters interact with the storyline from the film. Jurassic Park: The Game will hit store shelves on November 15th for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Mac!

Michael J. Fox Joins The Back To The Future Game!

TellTale Games last episode of their excellent Back To The Future PC and Mac (Soon to be on the ipad and the Playstation Network) DLC game series is set to debut on June 23rd. This episode brings along the voice of a familiar actor from the Back to the Future films in a role that co-writer of the original trilogy and co-producer, Bob Gale, says Marty has met in his film adventures.

A huge thanks to for the heads up on this video!

Who could Michael J. Fox be playing? I’m not really sure to be honest.

Great Scott! We Gotta Save Doc Brown!

Just yesterday evening Game Trailers debuted the exclusive and highly anticipated trailer for the episodic Back to the Future game, by Telltale Games.

It may just be me but I can’t wipe this very large smile off my face after watching the trailer over and over again. As Marty would say, “This is heavy duty, Doc!” There is so much about this trailer for us BTTF fans to love and I have no doubt that the game itself will be up to Telltale Games high standards, so after you are through taking your own time traveling Delorean for a spin, head over to the Telltale Games link up above and pre-order your copy today!