Teenage Mutant Ninja Duvets

Being a parent is awesome, especially when your offspring like the same stuff that you enjoyed at their age. In this case, my seven year old LOVES the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Sadly this isn’t the 80’s animated version from my youth, but rather the 2012 update.

No matter though, his love for TMNT grants me a special connection that extends to everything – even to pillow cases and duvets! After upgrading the theme in my son’s room, we bought him lovely new bedding featuring his favourite half-shell heroes. He was happy, but I couldn’t help feel a little annoyed about the lack of choice we had.

Could we only purchase items depicting the modern interpretation of the characters? Thankfully not! Official channels are a little lacking in retro Turtle, but if you look further afield, you can find some totally bodacious fan-made and vintage bedding.

Here are a few items that I’d like to see in my room

Vintage Sheet, over on Etsy, hopefully not soiled in the 90’s

In the market for some vintage pillow cases? Etsy again has you (ahem) covered!

Need a cushion? Made from an old T-Shirt? or hand-made from vintage fabric?

There are hundreds of items like these on sites like Etsy, but in my opinion the really good stuff can be found with the Print-on-demand online retails like RedBubble and Society6.

How about some duvet covers from Society6?

And to finish off the room, why not grab a good looking clock from RedBubble?

I could easily add another 50 images, covering everything from curtains to canvas prints, floor rugs to lamp shades, and beyond. But the purpose of this post is to open your eyes to the possibilities!

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Go create your own designs, upload them and buy your own products! The duvet cover at the start of this post is one of mine. I didn’t create the pixel design, that one is from Konami’s arcade TMNT game, but I did a little processing work and added some colour, and now I can sleep in pixelated style!

Cowabunga Dudes!

Zim Animation Teases 3D Intros To He-Man And More!

You might remember Zim Animation from the post I shared on Halloween two years ago. It was a 3D computer rendered version of the intro to the classic Real Ghostbusters cartoon. But that wasn’t the only bit of awesome retro inspired 3D work that Zim Animation has produced.

Why back in 2014 he in fact delivered the 3D intro to the 19802 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

It appears that Zim Animation though is more than willing to keep bringing us 3D versions of popular animated series. To prove this the Vancouver, Canada based animation team have put together this short teaser. With the idea in mind that they will eventually include short clips – mashed together with various classic characters. Like the Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, and Batman.
Zim Animation

One can hope that in addition we might see some of the Transformers included as well! Furthermore is it too far a stretch to believe that G.I. Joe might make up the roster of retro cartoons to make the cut?

Without further ado here is Zim Animation’s 3D Remake Mashup!

With what we could see in that teaser – I assume this new project will look like someone is flipping channels. If you want to help support Zim Animation in this new project, you can totally visit their Patreon Page. Moreover make sure to check out the awesome rewards for pledging your support to this endeavor. Reward such as first looks at the work in progress and communication with the animators as well!

Legend of Zelda

3D Printing of 1988’s The Legend Of Zelda Map!

When The Legend of Zelda was released to the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was a game changer. At least in terms of console gaming. With its addicting gameplay, numerous secrets, and to say nothing of the then sprawling map. It was in fact a really big deal. As well as being an absolute success for Nintendo of America – The Legend of Zelda sold two million copies that year alone!

Designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka really knocked it out of the park. I know I have in fact shared this story on The Retroist before. When I first rented the game at my local video store. There were no instructions, so I didn’t know about the Second Quest. Which happened to present the Player with tougher enemies and different locations of items and dungeons.

So I did in fact beat the harder quest first before I purchased the game for myself. Try to imagine my confusion when the dungeon maps I had made weren’t matching up. Thankfully for many of us it was Nintendo Power that really helped out when they published a map!

Image courtesy of Gamasutra.

It looks like a fan of the game went above and beyond the call using a 3D printer to create The Legend of Zelda map. Furthermore the creator spent 6 months designing it in the popular Minecraft game. After that they ported the work to a file for the 3D printer. Which just happened to take 24 hours to create, in addition to the six hours of painting the model.

Map images courtesy of Mike Matei.

It was collector Willard McFarland who purchased the 3D map and shared images with Mike Matei. Who in turn shared high resolution images on his Twitter account.


If Mike’s name rings a bell then you probably saw that incredible video he created a few weeks back. The animated opening to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by way of Mario Paint!
Mario Paint

Now that you are drooling over The Legend of Zelda 3D map – why not check out the original commercial?

I should point out that this ad features John Kassir as the man searching for Zelda. You might know John’s voice work on Tiny Toons Adventures, the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt, and Avatar: The Last Airbender to name a few.

[Via] Zelda Dungeon

A very big thank you to Ethan Gach of Kotaku for the heads up on the map. As well as to Gamasutra for the Nintendo Power map image used in this post.

Mario Paint

Watch The TMNT Intro Via Mario Paint!

While it is certainly fair to say that the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series was aimed at children. It nevertheless helped make the previously underground comic book characters into media superstars. To say nothing of the merchandising empire it would create with toys, clothing, and a new comic series based on the animated series. Having said that though I don’t believe anyone ever expected to see the intro rendered by way of the Super Nintendo’s Mario Paint program!
Mario Paint - Mike Matei

This was done by Mike Matei of Cinemassacre. Furthermore it is not as if he digitized the opening intro of the animated show. He drew each frame by hand – starting in July of this year and just finishing in December. Each Mario Paint animation cell took him generally a half hour or more.

What I’m saying is, Mike delivered something very special. In addition to his hard work, throw in the cover of the TMNT series song by James Ronald. You then have a bit of animation that reaches EPIC levels of awesomeness!

Enough of my jabbering. Sit down and watch how you use Mario Paint to bring the TMNT intro to life!

[Via] Cinemassacre

I really want to thank Daniel XIII for the heads up on this!
Turtle Power

Video/VCR Test – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Previously, in an Allison Venezio-published Retroist Post


Last week, when I was digging around in my videocassette collection, I grabbed my VHS of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. I’ll contend that I was not in my basement strictly to find this video – I was doing laundry, and the shelf with the videos was right there.

Like all good nostalgia buffs and writers, I own a VCR. And not some DVD/VCR combo that I picked up for $200 last year, I’m talking about an actual VCR. From the 1990s.

How good is this VCR?


Meet my Sharp VCR. The standard VCR of my middle and high school’s AV equipment. It was an expensive VCR in its day, but it was nice and it was exactly what I asked for for Christmas in 1996. And my dad delivered on it, big time.

The VCR is so awesome, it outlived the DVD recorder I bought in 2006 (which went kaput after seven years). Before that, it outlived my first DVD player, which only lasted about four years. This VCR outlived the first three televisions I’ve owned (I’m on my fourth, which is the one in the picture). This VCR even outlived the original remote it came with.

I’d call it something snappy, but it doesn’t need a fancy nickname.

I got it! My VCR is Chuck Norris!

The point is, this VCR works well. When I was researching options for recording from my videos (you know, for nostalgia purposes), I was coming up short on options that weren’t combo players. I’m aware my VCR is 20 years old, has lived a good life, and has gotten much use over the years, but it isn’t ready to be retired. It works way too well to even consider that. May it continue to do so. So the idea of putting out $200 for a combo player is unnecessary to me.


I recently invested in a Hauppauge HD PVR (that little box next to the rest of my equipment), which acts as a pass through device for VCRs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, and video games, with one’s computer as the recording source. Expensive yes, but it has composite jacks on it, and the two devices I own that utilize these (the lovely VCR and my Nintendo Wii) work well with the device. The biggest problem I encountered with the VCR while the Hauppauge is connected to the computer (and I’m assuming it has something to do with recording from analogue to digital) is the signal cuts out from the VCR to the device. I found a workaround for that – turn the VCR off and back on. Boom. Problem solved.

All technical talk and “hey, this is an awesome investment!” aside, I’ll get to the meat of this article.

I had originally planned to do voiceover work for this post, but I’ve had a sinus infection all week (pretty much since I posted the last article), so my voice is more nasal than it usually is. And while I’m sure no one has a problem with that…I’m incredibly vain. And I cough too much. I don’t want to make the viewers believe they’ll get sick watching my video. There are plenty of opportunities out there to fear disease from something you’ve watched on TV…oh, no one has ever worried about that before?

Moving on…

If you’re feeling particularly interested in reliving some awesome early 1990s nostalgia, look no further! Click play below to start the video!

Video uploaded by Allison Venezio

My brother and I owned one of those animated videos shown at the end, and we also had the soundtrack, which, coincidentally, we got from that corporate sponsor at the beginning of the video. And that was on audio cassette!

So, as you can see, the quality of the tape is fairly good, considering the age of both the video and the VCR. I’m considering upgrading this movie to Blu-Ray, but this video is nice to keep around for the nostalgia it oozes!

Not to mention the Family Home Entertainment logo. Who doesn’t love a little slice of home video company nostalgia with their VHS tape testing nostalgia?

Now, as one of my equally-nostalgic friends said last night, if only Hostess could bring back the Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies…

Allison has a kinda cool collection of home-recorded videos, as well as a few good store-bought videos. If you like what you’ve seen here, she can also be found peddling her fun wares over on Allison’s Written Words. You can follow her blog on Facebook, and she is also on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut.

She has the legendary Ninja Turtles concert from Madison Square Garden somewhere. She just has to find it!