TRON Meets the Legend of Zelda

Logically, from a TRON mythos point of view, I am not sure that what is going on here makes total sense. Of course, I am not familiar with the plot of the NES version of TRON that this images would have come from. Is this prequel? A sequel? Is their a deeper relationship between MCP and TRON that we are not aware of?? I want to know! Sadly that will not happen, unless some gives artist BazNet the funding to make this into a game (something he does not seem to be doing). While we won’t ever see a 2D adventure game set in the TRON Universe any time soon. You can show your support by picking up this image on a t-shirt.

Anchorman San Diego News Team T-shirt

I was walking into town last night when I spotted a guy walking towards me wearing this snappy Anchorman t-shirt. I thought, well that looks like a t-shirt I would like to own. A quick search later and the shirt was in my cart and ready to ship. While I can be persuaded to agree that Anchorman is the strongest movie in the world, it has a lot of laughs and I love the universe they built around their San Diego News Team. After seeing the film, I immediately thought the mythology and styling had the makings of a great TV series.

I am still waiting, but now I will do it in this handsome t-shirt.

By the Hammer of Thor!

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