Do You Remember Nickelodeon’s Video Comics Featuring…Swamp Thing?!

Okay, I have to admit that the 1979 to 1981 show on Nickelodeon entitled Video Comics or as it was sometimes called Video Comic Book is a program that I absolutely 100% have no recollection of…and considering how huge of a comic book fan I have always been I believe I would have remembered seeing this promo.

I suppose it was quite possible that in my neck of the woods we didn’t get Nickelodeon as part of basic cable until after this show had finished it’s run…or for some strange reason I was watching something else when it aired. Whatever the reason I am so glad that TV Guy 1979 uploaded these vintage pieces of Nickelodeon’s past.
Swamp Thing - Nickelodeon - Video Comics
Video Comics actually began on Columbus Alive! on a cable television service called QUBE before making it’s way to Nickelodeon. I guess you would call the show an early version of motion comics with a narrator who read the comic itself while viewers would get a pan and scan view of the comic panels with also sound effects and additional voice acting by William Hamilton, Charles Pickard, and Diane Disque.
Swamp Thing - Video Comics - Nickelodeon
It seems that besides Swamp Thing there were episode featuring his fellow DC Comics’ heroes like Green Lantern, The Flash, Adam Strange and even The Atom. So whether you remember this awesome TV show from back in the day or like myself it is your first experience with Video Comics, I hope you can take the time and enjoy watching Swamp Thing in Dark Genesis!

Swamp Thing Public Service Announcement

Swamp Thing Public Service Announcement

I was watching The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) on DVD the other day (there was nothing on TV and it had been years since I watched it), and I decided that I would check out the special features. I’m glad that I did, for I had found one of the greatest hidden treasures that such a horrible movie could give me, a Swamp Thing Public Service Announcement for Greenpeace.

I think the greatest part is the pun at the end. I can’t help but laugh each time I watch this. It’s so horrible.

I love bad cinema. I also love movies based off of comics and cartoons. When I have the ability to combine the two, it makes for some interesting adventures (or torture…sometimes I get the two mixed up).

Dr. Strange By Chris Stevens!

After this post I do declare that I expect a full post by our own Daniel Th1rte3n on how awesome Marvel Comic’s Dr. Strange really is. He is without a doubt one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe and why not? Look how awesome the former Sorceror Supreme is in this fantastic piece of art by Chris Stevens over on deviantART!

“Another commission done with mixed media (ink, markers, white paint touch-ups, white pencil crayon), this time of Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.”

Now you can pick up some nice collections of the classic Dr. Strange comics thanks to Marvel’s Essential titles, I really love Essential Dr. Strange #2 and #3, some wacky stuff going on there thanks to writers Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart.

Make sure to take a moment and enjoy some more of Chris’s art by following the link above…I mean…he even does an awesome Swamp Thing illustration.

Swamp Thing (1982)

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Wes Craven’s 1982 Swamp Thing film adaptation is the best…um, film adaptation of Swamp Thing.

Not only did it have that awesome theatrical poster by Richard Hescox but it had a trailer too…that is very 80s.

My Father and I watched this at the 62 Drive-In back in my youth and I can say that I still enjoy it, sure it’s goofy but it is a fun movie to watch in the early morning. I guess you could say I just have a soft spot of moss in my heart for creatures like Swamp Thing and his Marvel Comics counterpart, the Man-Thing.

A big thanks as always to the IMP Awards for that awesome poster up top. Thanks as well to DIOTD2008 for the original theatrical trailer over on YouTube. That awesome What If? scenario with Swamp Thing and the Man-Thing throwing down comes to us by way of Gav Heryng on deviantART.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing Television Series (1990 – 1993)

I felt it was only fitting to follow The Doc’s excellent Post on the Swamp Thing Films with the…pretty good…television series. Swamp ThingStarring the one and only Dick Durock (1937-2009) as the titular character.

[Via] Shout! Factory

Swamp Thing

What was Swamp Thing the TV series?

The Swamp Thing TV series lasted three seasons on the USA network starting in 1990. Although the series was later rerun on the Sci-Fi network. After the first season of shooting in actual Florida swamps the production company moved the entire process. Over in fact to the new Universal Studios Florida facilities and sound stages.

The tone of the television series did an about face from the campy Return of the Swamp Thing. Though like the Doc said himself, it still has a bit of camp to it. Furthermore it was reported that Dick Durock worked 12 hour days, six days a week for 50 episodes straight. Without any break whatsoever. Besides wearing the costume through all of that – which weighed 80 pounds, he was expected to learn ten pages of dialogue a day. You should bear in mind that Durock himself admitted “I had no experience as an actor at all, other than playing on Rockford Files and a zillion other shows, but not as an ‘actor’ actor per se.”.

Now if you enjoy television shows and if you love Swamp Thing. Which of course you totally should. Why not set a little time out for yourself and watch the 1991 animated series?

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