TV Thursday: Darkroom (1981)

I had almost forgotten about this television series until a close friend of mine somehow obtained some bootlegs DVD copies for me, they were probably taken from the USA Network’s airings. In those murky halls of my brain from my youth, I’ve always remembered James Coburns’s rather odd opening dialogue for the series and one episode in particular entitled Siege of 31 August, where Ronny Cox plays a farmer who is haunted by his actions during the war when his son’s army toys suddenly come to life.

Darkroom doesn’t exactly hold up to what I remembered from my youth, it certainly feels like it was trying for a Night Gallery type of show but I’ve found almost all of the episodes on YouTube for those that want to check it out. Make sure to turn you speakers down though before watching the intro below.

Supertrain, Like The Love Boat, But on a Train

NBC Executive #1: Hey, this Love Boat thing with its luxury mode of transportation and anthologized stories loosely connected by the characters all being on that luxury mode of transportation is hot right now, here in the year 1979. But it’s on ABC. How can we do the exact same show without getting sued?
NBC Executive #2: Uh…giant train? Trains are huge right now, in the year 1979.
NBC Executive #1: Great, make it happen!
NBC Executive #2: I was kidding.
NBC Executive #1: No, no, picture this: we’ll call it Supertrain, and it will be about a train so big that it has to run over two adjacent sets of tracks…
NBC Executive #2: I’m not sure that’s a thing that’s physically possible or exists.
NBC Executive #1:…and it’s so big there’s a sexy gym and sexy disco on board!

Only nine episodes ever aired of Supertrain, at the time the most expensive TV series ever produced. Great theme song though, and I’m pretty sure I’d be the belle of the ironic hipster ball if I showed up in a Supertrain logo TV shirt. Make it happen, Busted Tees.