LEGO Batman

Check Out This Stop Motion LEGO Batman: The Animated Series Intro!

Things are certainly looking pretty good for LEGO at the moment. With their upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie hitting theaters next week. You could understandably believe that all the bases have been covered in regards to things involving both LEGO and Batman.

[Via] Warner Bros. Pictures

I must admit that I did a double take after watching that extended trailer. Are they actually showcasing the likes of The Gentleman Ghost?!
LEGO Batman

Moreover they also decided to shine the spotlight on Calendar Man?
LEGO Batman - Calendar Man

In addition to including that villain who is surely the top of your list as well as mine. The one and only Edward Nygma aka The Riddler!

Of course I would be hard pressed to ignore that in the trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie we see the Justice League. Or more like the Super Friends with the addition of some of the characters from Challenge of the Super Friends. Check out the image below – you can make out Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Samurai, as well as the Wonder Twins and even Gleek!

So with all of that being included in the upcoming LEGO Batman film, you might think there is nothing to add. In this case Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe’s hard work would prove you wrong. As a matter of fact with over 27,000 views already. The duo have proven there is more than enough desire to see some form of a stop motion LEGO Batman: The Animated Series. Or at the very least the opening to the vintage show. Albeit a slightly different opening to the now legendary 1992 to 1995 weekday series.

Now if you might be wondering as to why Roberts and Poppe created this. I think that Kyle and Nathan explain it best in that YouTube upload:

“I can safely say my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Batman or LEGO. It only felt natural to see them combined in stop motion heaven,” said Poppe.

“I remember coming home from school almost every day and turning on this show. It’s one of my all time favorites. It was for sure a labor of love recreating this intro,” Roberts says.

“It took more than 1,000 photos, 40 hand drawn backgrounds and more than 300 hours of work to complete this stop motion project. Paired with Belgium composer Joris Hermy’s sweeping soundtrack, this tribute is a work of art and a fun, nostalgic trip for Batman fans of all sizes. Joris scored all of the ‘Bad Days’ animated episodes over at MarvelousTV. Tighten your utility belt and get ready to click “watch again” to catch all the Easter eggs.”

The fan made project is certainly good enough to watch more than once in an attempt to find those Easter Eggs. While you do that…if you will excuse me…I have a flying rat to contend with!

ALF Drops In

Retro Records: ALF Drops In – Book And Tape (1987)

What can make a morning better? ALF can do that very thing, of course! Now it’s no great secret that those of us here at The Retroist enjoy 1980’s ALF. We have been known to share once or twice…or more, our appreciation of everyone’s favorite Melmacian.

Having said that, I will have to admit I wasn’t aware that ALF had any Read-Along Books and Tapes back in the day. But lo and behold there were at least four of them produced. Besides ALF Drops In that we are sharing today. There was Super-ALF, ALF Plays Detective, and ALF Goes Wild as well.

I found it equally important that they were all released by Buena Vista. Indeed, the same company also known for book and record combos like last week’s The Black Hole!

In this instance, ALF Drops In retells how Gordon Shumway met the Tanner Family. In addition to some great artwork throughout the storybook. It appears that all of the cast provided their voices to their characters from the TV series. Either that or they took audio from various television episodes – but I highly doubt that was the case.
ALF Drops

The narrator for ALF Drops In is none other than William “Bill” Woodson. Who narrated a great deal of those books and records for Buena Vista. As well as providing all manner of voice work – which I might add included a very famous line from the Super Friends!

[Via] Brian Young

Seeing that this is in fact a book and cassette tape. I certainly hope you will forgive me for lumping it in the Retro Records category. So without further ado let us join ALF and the Tanners for ALF Drops In!

[Via] Cat Jay Bird

You enjoyed ALF Drops In but are needing more information?

I am very happy to inform you that you are in luck. As the Retroist himself has already recorded a podcast on ALF – which you can listen to below!
Retroist ALF Podcast

Daniel XIII Vs. YouTube (and Google Image Search)…Round 1: Fight!

While some of my erstwhile brethren here at The Retroist are masters of the YouTube, your ol’ pal the Ouija Board Kid doesn’t possess such luck. Three times have I turned to that infernal engine this day to sate mine lust for frivolous nostalgia, and three times have I been rebuked. So, to put it a different way, let’s take a look at just how badly I got screwed while wasting the day away on the internet:

Thanks Google...

Thanks Google…

See that pink horse up there? That’s what turned up on Google when I went looking for Range Ryder and the Calgary Kid in the Adventures of the Dinosaur Badlands, an amazingly threadbare Valley of the Gwangi for the pre-school produced in Canada, that was broadcast in the states a grand total of once in 1983 on Nickelodeon. I of course saw it that day (and loved its blend of plastic toys and Mike Myers), but saw no need to tape it, as I knew in my heart of hearts that when I would want to watch it again thirty years later, on a whim, that the advanced technology of the future wouldn’t let me down. I was wrong. YouTube offered only Neil Young, stunts and various other things outrageously unrelated to cowboys on fake horses wrangling a T-Rex.

As I shook my head in disbelief, the commercial jingle to the short lived 80’s revival of 70’s breakfast staple Freakies cereal became stuck in my head. So, naturally I turned to YouTube once again so I could experience the breathtaking animation that accompanied that divine music. Guess what? They didn’t have a single video of this product that absolutely no one ate 25 years ago (myself included). This was becoming an unbearable outrage.

This was included in my search results for Freakies cereal. See what I mean?

Toni Basil, alien cereal mascots…the similarities are evident

Next, while half way through a ham sandwich, I was visited by yet another spectral thought forcing its way through the ether directly into my brain, and that thought had a name dear readers; Super Friends on Ice! There are three irrefutable facts about Super Friends on Ice that I will share with you now; 1. I saw the commercial for what was sure to be the greatest spectacle seen by mortal eyes only once, sometime in the late 70’s (although it may have been in the early 80’s…and the show may have been part of a larger ice related thing, but it wasn’t Ice Capades…unless it was), 2. I saw it on either WPIX or WWOR (or maybe WSBK…but definitely on a TV set in my bedroom…or the living room), and 3. The performance of the catastrophic results to my psyche if I were to miss this one of a kind entertainment event that I laid on my parents (which lasted for 4 days and 5 nights minimum) was such a tour de force that I could have sold out the Winter Garden Theater for 40 straight weeks if I were to enact it for the public (as an aside, I would stay at the Milford Plaza…The Lullabye of ol’ Broadway; the commercial for which IS actually on YouTube). Alas, as armed as I was with the above iron-clad facts, YouTube provided me with zero videos of Hawkman and Martian Manhunter careening around the Felt Forum on ice skates.

At least this search result makes sense...kind of...

At least this search result makes sense…kind of…

So there you have it ghouls, and while I know your heart is filled with sympathy, and your eyes with tears, for my dire plight; I beseech you to cry no more. Rather, let me know if you have any long lost memories that are so obscure that even the internet can’t provide you with proof of their existence (oh, and if you find any of that crap I talked about above be sure to post a link)!