Dazzle and Friends from Mattel


I am not sure what to make of Dazzle and friends. It seems that her life revolves around her horse Blaze. Which is weird, since by looking at her haircut I assume she spends most of her evenings hanging out at Studio 54.

I can see it now, Dazzle and Truman Capote bathed in tangerine street light arrive at Studio 54 on Blaze. Truman says something pithy to the bouncer and all three of them enter for the time of their lives.

Sadly, because of what happened in a private lounge area, Blaze is never the same after that night.

Goldiggers Jeans for Young Girls


The 70s were an amazing time for toys, TV and even children’s fashions. Or so I thought. While I grew up wearing Garanimals and Wranglers, the children of the Disco Jet Set and Studio 54 crowd were wearing Goldiggers Jeans. Thats right… Goldiggers.

I ask you, why encourage your little girl to grow up and take care of herself? It’s much easier for her to find herself a rich Sugar Daddy and dig for gold. Thankfully the commercial doesn’t feature young girls hitting on older men, but it is disturbing nonetheless.