Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast Episode 022 (Street Fighter II)

Street Fighter II is the subject of the 22nd Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast! On this episode I talk about the impact and legacy of Capcom’s 1991 and 1992 arcade phenomenons Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. Also of note is my good friend and fellow arcade employee, Andy Pickle, is back as a special guest on the show to discuss his own memories with the legendary game. As always I’ve made sure to share some vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure!
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Our ending theme entitled “River Raid” was graciously provided by the talented Tony Longworth, you can visit his official site by clicking that link and make sure to hop on over to his SoundCloud Page!

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Street Fighter II - Arcade Flyer Archive
A big thanks as always to Arcade Flyer Archive for that awesome flyer!

Larry Bundy Jr.’s Fact Hunt – 5 Games You Never Knew Had Sequels!

The esteemed Larry Bundy Jr. is back and with a brand new show called Fact Hunt and for this first episode he is taking a look at the 5 video games you were not aware had sequels…although as he explains in the video itself it’s actually more like…

Larry Bundy Jr. - 5 Games

This video is a bit longer than Larry’s usual offerings here on the site, clocking in at over 17 minutes. As always though it’s filled with the humor and amazing never before known history of some of the greatest video games of the 80’s and 90’s that we’ve come to expect from ‘Guru’ Larry. In this episode he covers everything from Rush’n Attack to Street Fighter II!

Larry Bundy Jr.