The Kong Off At Richie Knucklez Has Begun!

Right now as I type this, the Kong Off at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, New Jersey has officially begun! At what other time will these gaming greats be together again to compete in glorious Video Game combat on ten Donkey Kong machines?

1)Hank Chien
2)Steve Wiebe
3)Billy Mitchell
4)Mark Kiehl
5)Eric Howard
6)Dean Saglio
7)Ben Falls
8)Ross Benziger
9)Vincent Lemay
10)Dave McCrary
11)Kyle Goewert

A huge thanks to Richie Knucklez for this humorous photo posted on the Forums page, make sure to follow the link to not only read more interesting things about the Kong Off but visit the merchandise page while you are there. I’m going to have to get me one of those awesome T-shirts they are selling before the weekend is up! In the photo we have Hank Chien, Steve Sanders, Billy Mitchell, and Richie Knucklez flashing the horns. Look up in the upper right corner, over the Punch-Out machine, you can see a photo of the original Life magazine ‘greatest arcade game players’ photo shoot from back in 1982.

Thanks to Justin.TV for the live feed supplied below.
Watch live video from Richie Knucklez Arcade Games on

You can also follow a Live Text Feed over at Nintendo Life Retro!

Are You Ready For The Kong Off?

On March 19th and 20th of this year there will be an attendance of the top ten Donkey Kong players in the world, they shall converge at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, NJ. to duke it out live on 10 machines for the prizes, money, and most importantly the bragging rights of being THE top DK player!

A big thanks to the Richie Knucklez site for the list below, the player list is subject to change obviously as Richie Knucklez has stated with the announcement.

1)Hank Chien
2)Steve Wiebe
3)Billy Mitchell
4)Tim Sczerby
5)Dean Saglio
6)Ben Falls
7)Ross Benziger
8)Vincent Lemay
9)Eric Howard
10)Dave McCrary

Ticket are now on sale for this incredible event at The Kong Off! The event will also be broadcast live on Sirius/XM radio’s “Virus” station.

Donkey Kong High-Score Belongs To Hank Chien Again!

Just a few weeks back I reported how Steve Weibe had reclaimed the highly coveted High-Score spot from Billy Mitchell who had reclaimed it from Hank Chien…well, on Dec. 10th it was reported by Twin Galaxies that Chien has yet again nailed the top spot with an additional 3,500 more points for a total of 1,068,000.

From the official interview by Twin Galaxies,

“TG: First off, Hank, congratulations on reclaiming the title belt. How does it feel to get it, lose it to Billy Mitchell, only to have that beaten by Steve Wiebe, and then reclaim it? Was it harder this time?

HC: Thank you! I was obviously very excited to claim the title the first time. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before Billy Mitchell or Steve Wiebe reclaimed it. However I did not expect it to happen on my birthday! Yes, Billy Mitchell’s score was announced on my birthday. I also knew Steve Wiebe was trying over the summer but heard he was having some vertigo issues. When the summer was over, I thought the vertigo had gotten the best of him and was surprised when it was announced in September. I knew the score was still within my reach. Although I was excited to reclaim it, nothing beats the first time! Of course it was harder this time, however I have gotten better since last time so relatively speaking it was a bit easier.”

There is some even more exciting news coming out from Twin Galaxies…but I will leave that until another posting later. A big thanks to Twin Galaxies for the heads up as well as the photo seen above.

Steve Wiebe fails in his Attempt at the World Record of Donkey Kong

steve wiebe

Steve Wiebe, star of King of Kong, just failed on his record setting game attempt of Donkey Kong tonight. Everyone here at The Retroist (me) was pulling for him and hope he gets the record again someday.

His effort was broadcast live by G4TV and it was a nail-biter that brought me back to my old arcade days of watching people play games until the placed closed. So it wasn’t a complete loss for me.