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Broken Badges

Broken Badges was a Stephen J. Cannell (co-creator) police drama that aired on CBS from November 24, 1990 to December 22, 1990 and then ran again June 1991. The show was about three “reject” police offers, J.J ‘Bullet’ Tingreedes, who … Continue reading

TV Thursday: Hardcastle and McCormick (1983)

True story. During family dinners as we sat in the living room I would generally be the one who determined what was being watched, for the TV series Hardcastle and McCormick though this was not to be the case. I … Continue reading

TV Thursday: The Rockford Files (1974-1980)

While I was too young to catch the James Garner classic, the Rockford Files, in its original run I was able to watch it on reruns on a local television station in the afternoons after school. I’ve been a huge … Continue reading