Sean Connery’s Remarks During An Interview For 1981’s Outland Upset Harlan Ellison

I am probably one of the few people who readily admit they enjoy 1981’s Outland, starring Sean Connery and Directed by Peter Hyams (Capricorn One), I always kind of thought of it as sort of a intergalactic version of 1952’s High Noon.

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The other day I stumbled across a reply from the legendary Harlan Ellison from an issue of Starlog concerning an incident at a press junket covered by the magazine for its September 1981 issue. It’s obvious that he felt how Sean Connery handled a question by a reporter was not how an actor of Connery’s stature should behave, as well as the movie itself.
Sean Connery - Harlan Ellison - Outland
Harlan Ellison - Sean Connery - Outland
Thanks to the Internet Archive I was able to track down the very interview that upset Ellison so much.
Starlog - Outland - Sean Connery 1Outland - Sean Connery - StarlogOutland - Sean Connery - Starlog B

I’m kind of torn on this bit of sci-fi history, friends. My knee-jerk reaction is I found more fault on the reporter’s part for trying to put Connery on the spot but not having been in the room itself I can’t judge how serious Connery or the reporter were being with any of their responses. I’m also aware though that my view on this might be a little biased as like I mentioned above I really like Outland…I’m interested in what you all think about the matter.

Starlog #129 Featuring Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future!

With the Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future complete series being released on DVD yesterday, our very own Patrick J. Doody was kind enough to share this magazine scan with us.

While looking through some things in his old room at his parents house he came across this mint Starlog magazine featuring the Soldiers of the Future…and Wil Wheaton vowing, “I’ll never save the Enterprise again!”.

The Mercury Men – Trading Cards and Starlog Cover!

Okay. Without a doubt I am the target audience of The Mercury Men, but since I had a ton of time on my hands this morning I decided to do a little more investigating and found the Official Mercury Men Blog which made me an instant fan of this web series without having watched a single episode. Especially after I found their Digital Props section of the site.

Really, I think when you look at a few of these trading cards and the Starlog cover, it clearly shows how much Christopher Preksta and his crew love what they are doing and more importantly how much fun they are having with it!

Mercury Men debuts Monday, July 25th on the SyFy Channel web site!