The Projectionist’s Haunted-Drive In Presents: The Most Dangerous Game

Salutations and welcome to the first Haunted Drive-In television program (I’ve told him a hundred times that this is a web based “TV series” – Carl), using stock film kept in the basement of the former Starlight Starbright Family Fun Drive-In, leftovers from my earlier cinematic endeavors. Heh.

Whisked away from the townsfolk’s flames and stupidity to safety by myself at no small amount of personal loss. Thanks to the projection booth collapsing during the fire, by luck or maybe it was the guiding hand of fate…most of the hundreds of films cans were protected from the worst of the heat. Allowing myself the necessary time to securely hide them (Odd that a film distributor’s warehouse in our town was broken into and hundreds of movies reported stolen at the same time! – Carl) and myself from prying eyes.

Now it is time for the Haunted Drive-In to spread her wings like the phoenix! I hope you are comfortable and have a giant bag of popcorn and some piping hot coffee in your hands as the feature is beamed across the airwaves to the television sets (Whatever. Let him have his dreams. – Carl) in your living room.

I will let Carl do what he must with his computers to make sure you are getting our signal. It is with great pride and no small amount of satisfaction that I present to you from the Haunted Drive-In, the famous RKO’s movie studio production of The Most Dangerous Game.

Q and A With The Haunted Drive-In’s “Projectionist”

As you may know, on Monday I received a rather interesting box in the mail, you can find that post with the unboxing video I did right here. Opening the burned package I found some film, parts of the trailer for the 1970’s King Kong, a bunch of greasy and smelly popcorn, and a handwritten note that had my nom de plume and a statement that read “The Haunted Drive-In Opens Soon…” and on the back of that note there was a YouTube address.

It would also seem that our very own Claymation Werewolf had received something similar on Monday as well, an envelope with a vintage flyer from the Starlight Starbright Family Drive-In. A little research earlier though states that the Drive-In had burned down around 60 years ago.

The Retroist it turns out has been getting submissions from someone concerning old movie theaters and Drive-In’s, but the contact e-mail was either wrong or the person didn’t want or couldn’t reply. I tried myself with the info the Retroist sent me but…I got nothing…until about 3 AM this morning when the Inbox revealed this: “Did you like your care package?”. Well, I can tell you that there was nothing frightening in the e-mail but after requesting a Q and A and receiving the answers back this evening we now have a better understanding of what is going on…sort of!

Thank you for taking the time to contact me…I see from your e-mail you are calling yourself the Projectionist…so is that your profession?

I’m pleased that you enjoyed your care package. Carl, my associate, has a way with finding things with his computers so I hope you did not find yourself too confused as to the meaning of the contents within that we sent.

I am in fact a Projectionist by trade, I have been as far back as I can remember. Longer sometimes than I find I wish to recall, even with all of the glorious features the Starlight Starbright had the privilege to share with the close-minded simpletons of Haddonfield I refuse to step down from my position as her caretaker.

That YouTube video you sent me caused me to try and dig up some information about the Starlight Starbright Drive-In…I found some information but it claims that a fire destroyed it 60 years ago. Are you carrying on the tradition in a way by using it’s name?

Those oh so noble and pure citizens TRIED to burn her down. Film endures and it always shall, while they stopped me from entertaining the masses for many a year, slowly I was able to rebuild the Starlight Starbright over the years but as I would learn from my associate, Carl, the youth of Haddonfield took to calling it the Haunted Drive-In. I felt it fitting to use the youthful description for her rebirth.

Why have you decided to contact us here at the Retroist?

Thanks to Carl I learned of the popularity of your “online” entertainment venue and with his help I made it known to the Retroist that I intended to share my expertise of the industry with those of your publication. I hope that you will forward the project I am working on with my assistant when it is ready for the public at large to witness, I believe you will find it to be of great interest.

On the outside of the “care package” you sent me, the sender’s name was “Carl”…who is that by chance?

Carl takes care of the menial tasks of the Haunted Drive-In.

I asked about six more questions but the Projectionist did not answer them…they ranged from what his favorite movie might be to if I can expect any more packages. I’ll update if I learn anything more!

The Haunted Drive-In?

Before I get to my first Unboxing video, let me tell you why I’m doing this video in the first place. This afternoon I received a knock on my porch door from the mailman, when I picked up the package he had left I was a little perplexed. The box had clearly been burned or I should say it looked to have been scorched more than a bit. On the outside of the box it was labeled as coming from Haddofield, IL and from someone called “Carl”.

As I stated in the video, I was pretty excited at first because I thought this might be a goodie from our friends over at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando but as soon as I opened the box up…those hopes were dashed. But getting a box full of VERY foul smelling popcorn and some film (It was part of the trailer to the 1970’s King Kong!) is kind of exciting…though I really hope that film wasn’t original.

Here is a picture that I found for the “Starlight Starbright Family Drive-In” burning down. The only other bit of information I was able to dig up was that one of the employee’s of the place sadly died in the fire. It’s kind of weird because there just isn’t that much information about the place at all.

Here is that video the handwritten note directed me to:

I’ll update with information as I get it. I’d like to point out again…that popcorn just reeked!