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I Grew Up Star Wars: The Epic Battle of Hoth

IGrewUpStarWars.com is a website run by Tom Berges dedicated to those of us who grew up playing with some of the greatest toys of all time. Tom has spent a lot of time and energy collecting vintage photos and videos … Continue reading

Do You Remember When Obi-Wan Kenobi Cut Off…Ponda Baba’s Head?!

A friend of the site sent us this behind the scenes photo on the set of Star Wars showing a much different ending to the cantina brawl between Ponda Baba and Obi-Wan Kenobi. I have no idea if this was … Continue reading

Star Wars vs. the opening themes of 80′s TV shows

There is no shortage of Star Wars mashup videos littered across the internet and they are normally of the “watch once and forget” variety. However, those of you with a certain nostalgia for 80′s TV shows and their ever-so-catchy theme … Continue reading

True UFOs and Outer Space Magazine

Several years ago my mom ran across a big box full of random UFO magazines at a garage sale. She picked up roughly 30 issues of various UFO magazines from the late 70s and early 80s for $5 — and … Continue reading

Childish Dreams: The Art of Craig Davison

Have you ever dreamed of being someone different? Well, of course you have, you were a kid once, right? These paintings from artist Craig Davison capture what it is to be a child dreaming of being someone else, and I … Continue reading

The Spaceport Playset that every kid would want

A good friend recently sent me a link to the Rebel Scum Forum that completely blew my mind. Forum member Empire decided to make his two young boys a “ginormous city sized spaceport” that would last through the many play … Continue reading

Snap Together Star Wars Vans

Fellow Retroist Iseerobotsrecently posted a great magazine scan featuring Star Wars. The highlight for me was the Star Wars Snap Together Vans and I immediately set to work to find out more. Thanks to the Star Wars Model Kit Gallery … Continue reading