Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

Did You Know There Was A Little Doctor Who In The Original Star Wars Films?

I’ve mentioned before on the site how I was just at the right age to get in on the ground floor of what would become the Star Wars craze that swept the World back in 1977. From that point on everything in my life revolved around this story that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I eagerly devoured any magazine, news clip, or newspaper article that would give me just a little more info about Star Wars and of course that included the sequels as well.

But yesterday on Facebook on a few different feeds I saw something that made me feel like a five-year old again sitting in that Razorback auditorium, the news that in Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back there were costumes that had been actually used in the 1966 Doctor Who story arc The Tenth Planet from back in October of 1966. Thanks to Making Star Wars.Net we can see two of the suits as they appeared in that story arc…by the way, if you are like me I am doing everything I possibly can to avoid spoilers concerning the new Star Wars film in December. Be careful if you follow the link to Making Star Wars.Net!

Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

It sure looks to me like BoShek, who we meet in the cantina scene from the first film is wearing the darker of the two suits.

BoShek - Star Wars


With the lighter colored suit being worn by Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back.

Bossk - The Empire Strikes Back

But thanks to the diligence of Making My 1st Doctor Costume we’ve learned that the suits didn’t originate in the Doctor Who series but came from 1964’s First Men in the Moon!

Image courtesy of Making my 1st Doctor Costume.

Image courtesy of Making my 1st Doctor Costume.

Star Wars in London

Star Wars Makes Cinema History with British Movietone

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and a little effort from The British Movietone Digital Archive, we can now look back at London’s view of an insignificant little movie called “Star Wars”.

In their words: “The much publicised and long-awaited film “Star Wars” opens in London with queues outside two West End cinemas. At the Science Museum costumes, vehicles and Robots, together with ‘still’ photographs of the film, are on display for the public. We take a look at a scene from the film which has been seen by almost 600,000 in its first month in London.”

Looking further at the recently released AP archive on Youtube, you can also watch John Williams receiving a BAFTA for his film score:

Check out more vintage footage over at the British Movietone Youtube Channel.


Buster Crabbe Appears At Science Fiction Film Awards

It is common knowledge that Star Wars was influenced by the Flash Gordon serials of the 1940s. So how cool was it that Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon in the serials) appeared on stage with Mark Hamill during the Science Fiction Film Awards telecast? It aired in 1978 to recognize achievement in science fiction film for the year 1977.

Hamill shows up at 3:46 of Part II to introduce him. The entire show is worth watching from the beginning, especially to see the opening song and dance number.

I’m just posting Part I and II just to show the flow leading to the Crabbe and Hamill appearance. The special itself is split into 10 parts on YouTube. Rather than blow up the blog with 10 embedded videos just search for “Science Fiction Film Awards 1978” on YouTube if you’d like to watch the entire special. This was the fifth annual but first televised broadcast of the ceremony.

Here is the entire award show in 10 parts:

or if you want to jump straight to Buster…here is part 2.

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Ewok Costume
'Tis but a scratch

‘Tis but a scratch

'Tis but a scratch

Here is Luke Skywalker and Monty Python’s Black Knight sharing a moment, courtesy of Why hasn’t the internet teamed Star Wars and Python up more? Oh, it has, there is Monty Python & The Holy Lightsaber:

Oh, and the Star Wars Argument sketch…

Or how about a little witch burning…

Or the Knights that say ‘Ni’!

It seems the internet knows what it is doing. Carry on everyone.

C-3PO Jedi!

Retro Polish Movie Posters


I recently wrote about an unusual Italian ‘Battle For the Planet of the Apes’ movie poster. This got me thinking that there might be other films that have received similar treatment and so a search was started to find more oddities. Believe me when I say that what I found was a treasure trove of weirdness…

For example, the poster above is for the 1987 ‘Aliens’ – but you had guessed that, right? Those eyes weren’t fooling you?!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ received an impressive montage of images, replete with multiple swastika’s! And ‘Return of the Jedi’ has a new hero in C-3PO, where the golden protocol droid takes centre stage in some very nice artwork!

C-3PO Jedi!

My favourite from those I browsed through has to be this ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ poster. Peace Man!

Harry and the Hendersons

These posters and many many more can be found over at