Carrie Fisher - Sega Center

Carrie Fisher at The Sega Center in Fox Hills Mall (1977)

Carrie Fisher in this brief 1977 interview from The Making of Star Wars, where she is seen playing 1975’s Anti-Aircraft from Atari at a Sega Center is going to be one of the coolest things you will see all day!
Sega Center - Carrie Fisher
Filmed at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, California – I can’t help but dig the appropriately Star Wars themed cabinets that we can see Carrie playing before the interview begins. These were obviously specially made for the Sega Center arcades as you can tell by looking at the standard edition on the arcade game flyer below – courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive.

Image courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Image courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

In this clip Carrie Fisher discusses some of the elements of Star Wars that she enjoyed and what she didn’t care for while filming the original movie. I might have to blame this on my advanced age but I do not recall ever seeing this particular clip before from The Making of Star Wars although I believe it might have also been shown when the Fox channel did their little special to celebrate the re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy to theaters…well…the “A few new surprises” or Special Editions I mean.

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I found an article from 8 Bit Central that states they believe the Sega Center featured in that interview with Carrie Fisher was later remodeled into a Time Out Tunnel which would eventually be converted to the Time Out arcade. This brand of arcade was able to survive and thrive until around 1995 when after being sold to The Edison Brothers company, they were forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy – which was then bought by the Namco corporation which is why you can still find Time Out arcades in various malls.
Time Out - Namco - Arcades
I’m not sure what the Time Out arcades were like in your neck of the woods but the one that was in my local mall still had a few arcade games and even one or two classics titles like Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man although the younger children were brought in by the redemption games.

Star Fleet

1980’s Japanese “X-Bomber” Has Links To Star Wars And Aliens?

X-Bomber or as it was known in the UK Star Fleet was a 1980 marionette based science fiction television show, created by the legendary manga artist Devilman‘s Go Nagai (Kiyoshi Nagai). The series of course was heavily influenced by the works of Gerry Anderson’s British television series using his patented “Supermarionation” process wherein the marionettes would also include electronic moving parts to aid in giving them a more life-like appearance – seen in such as Fireball XL-5 and of course the most famous of those types of programs 1965’s Thunderbirds.

The story for X-Bomber is set in the year 2999 and revolves around the Earth Defense Force. Tasked with the protection of the Earth – which is pretty clear by the organization’s name the fragile peace is shattered with the appearance of an alien battle cruiser that proceeds to obliterate the Pluto station for the EDF.
After this attack and with the threat of the Earth itself being destroyed a team is put together to launch an experimental bomber, known only as the X-Project from a secret base upon the moon to fight back this alien threat – mainly the evil commander Makara.
Star Fleet - Commander Makara
It was in 1982 that the U.K. began airing X-Bomber on Saturday mornings after renaming it Star Fleet – with the scripts for the episodes being adapted by Michael Sloan, who would later go on to be a writer on the hit CBS television series The Equalizer.

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Star Fleet also featured the voice work of Garrick Hagon who portrayed the character of Biggs Darklighter in 1977’s Star Wars and Jay Benedict who played Deak in the film although his part was edited out of the final print. Benedict however would also play Russ Jorden, Newt’s Father, in James Cameron’s Aliens in 1986…to only be cut out again but thankfully seen by way of the Special Edition. Another Aliens alumni whose voice work was featured in Star Fleet was Al Matthews who played the ill-fated Sergeant Apone in Cameron’s sequel to Alien.

Also of note is that Queen‘s Brian May became a fan of Star Fleet thanks to his young Son, recording a cover of the television shows’ theme song alongside Eddie Van Halen, REO Speed Wagon‘s drummer Alan Gratzer, Phil Chen, and Fred Mandel as Star Fleet Project.

[Via] Emmanuel LR
There is no way you can not listen to that cover of the Star Fleet theme and not feel your blood start to pump a little faster, I believe I have found the new song I want to wake up to every morning from now on!

Toys R Us Report Podcast ep 89 - I See Robots

The Toys R Us Report: My Top 5 Star Wars Figures Of All The Times

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Hey kids! This week on The Toys R Us Report I have a topic that I feel my be right up the alley of all you Retro Readers, Star Wars Figures! Who doesn’t like the great old Kenner Figures of our youth? Maybe some weirdos but I consider them to be outliers. EVERYONE Likes Star Wars and this week on the show I do a run down of who I consider to be my Top 5 Figures Of All The Times.

Usually on the show I focus on more current Pop-Culture and Toy Stuff, Movie Reviews etc but this time around it’s all retro right from The Jumpstreet and it’s awesome.

The show starts off with me visiting my Robot Co-host Iceberg 13 in the infirmary. He’s been in a bad way emotionally after the death of his pal A.B Silver and after being clowned by his hero Johnny 5. It’s a bit complicated but brief and right after that it’s some real toy talk.
Star Wars Mini Rigs
If you have a couple of minutes why not give it a listen. It’s only 30 minutes so you won’t be sorry for long.

New episodes of The Toys R Us Report drop every Wed at

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Mr Kernish - AT ST

An Awesome Star Wars Fan Builds A Life-Size AT-ST!

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week it’s quite understandable why all of us are once again in the grip of what Doctors have dubbed Star Wars Fever. But even though you might be like me and are watching and then re-watching the films over and over…are you a big enough fan like Mr. Kernish to construct a life-sized AT-ST?
Inside AT ST - Mr. Kernish
Not only can you get inside this particular All Terrain Scout Transport but it also features moving weaponry and sound effects from the film series!
AT ST - Mr. Kernish

A big thanks to Rob Bricken from over at io9 for the heads up on this amazing piece of work. I just hope that Mr. Kernish is real careful if he takes the AT-ST out for a spin on Endor!

All images courtesy of Madam FANDOM.

Check Out These Retro Inspired Perler Bead Mobiles From Madam FANDOM!

I will admit that I am pretty much a sucker for anything that I might display in my home that will help to showcase what I love in retro pop culture. Of late I have found that perler bead artwork has been taking up more and more of my attention. Especially when it’s crafted by a talented artist like Madam FANDOM as you can see from her perler bead mobiles!

All images courtesy of Madam FANDOM.

All images courtesy of Madam FANDOM.

While I would love to have this Donkey Kong mobile in the house…it just kind of has to go to the Arkadia Retrocade, right?

All images courtesy of Madam FANDOM.

All images courtesy of Madam FANDOM.

Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

Did You Know There Was A Little Doctor Who In The Original Star Wars Films?

I’ve mentioned before on the site how I was just at the right age to get in on the ground floor of what would become the Star Wars craze that swept the World back in 1977. From that point on everything in my life revolved around this story that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I eagerly devoured any magazine, news clip, or newspaper article that would give me just a little more info about Star Wars and of course that included the sequels as well.

But yesterday on Facebook on a few different feeds I saw something that made me feel like a five-year old again sitting in that Razorback auditorium, the news that in Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back there were costumes that had been actually used in the 1966 Doctor Who story arc The Tenth Planet from back in October of 1966. Thanks to Making Star Wars.Net we can see two of the suits as they appeared in that story arc…by the way, if you are like me I am doing everything I possibly can to avoid spoilers concerning the new Star Wars film in December. Be careful if you follow the link to Making Star Wars.Net!

Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

It sure looks to me like BoShek, who we meet in the cantina scene from the first film is wearing the darker of the two suits.

BoShek - Star Wars


With the lighter colored suit being worn by Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back.

Bossk - The Empire Strikes Back

But thanks to the diligence of Making My 1st Doctor Costume we’ve learned that the suits didn’t originate in the Doctor Who series but came from 1964’s First Men in the Moon!

Image courtesy of Making my 1st Doctor Costume.

Image courtesy of Making my 1st Doctor Costume.