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RPG fans did not be told about Star Frontiers, but for those who never wielded dice, Star Frontiers was, in the simplest terms, like Dungeons and Dragons, but in space. To players of it though, it was so much more. It allowed us to engage our fascination with science and fantasize in a world that could one day exist. That is why the game continues to be played today and why fans continue to write about it. No where is that more true then at the magazine, Star Frontiersman. Ben Logan, who runs the site, is trying to lead a larger revival. So if you are curious about the game or just want to reminisce, drop by his site, check out the Magazine, enjoy the digitized works and most importantly, show your support.

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TSR’s Star Frontiers – Join the Galactic Legions

My TSR catalog post went over so well last week that I thought I would post a great Star Frontiers ad from 1982. The ad features 2 humans and one of my favorite in-game races the Yazirians. Why were they my favorite? Because they had the best attributes of both bats AND Wookiees.

My friends and I usually played Star Frontiers after a sci-fi weekend on WPIX or if needed a break from the real money game “Top Secret”. For those of you not familiar, Star Frontiers was TSR’s 2nd attempt at a Sci-Fi themed RPG (yes I played Metamorphosis Alpha). What was cool about it was that it stepped away from the d20 system and instead used a percentile system for gameplay. Before I discovered dice-less RPG play. I preferred percentiles to d20.


——-Start Random D&D Quote——-

Golem: Golem destroy intruders.
Bobby: Oh yeah? Not before I do a Steve Garvey number on your nose!

——-End Random D&D Quote——-