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Spock Shall Prevail

Anytime Spock has an internal struggle between his Vulcan and Human side, my geek lights shine. I have always thought this little scene from Gold Key Comics captures that struggle well. I am still a little unsure why he is … Continue reading

Magnum P.I. Spock

In Raz City Studio’s Book, The Many Faces of Spock, Ramsey Sibaja makes some memorable versions of Spock. By far the best of the book is the mustachioed Magnum PI Spock. Pick up your copy today.

Star Trek Helmet – Be the Spock

What this helmet has to do with Spock is beyond me and I know it will never fit my giant head, but I can tell you this. One of these bad-boys is in the mail and on its way to … Continue reading

More Proof that Spock is the Coolest Alien this Side of Mars

Like you need more proof? Well here is some:

Dig this Totally Logical Spock Hang Up (Poster) Offer

I wish that we used the term Hang Ups today. Sounds so much classier than Poster. It is probably a term that is used on the continent, but has never found favor here in the colonies. I must get this … Continue reading

Who Would Win in a Fight? Spock or Wolverine?

Spock smacks down old Wolvie in the first Star Trek X-men cross over. I guess adamantium is no match for Vulcan logic and a a quick nerve pinch. Printed in 1996, Star Trek X-Men is of middling quality, but was … Continue reading