Here Comes Speed Racer!

I found this miniature Mach 5 at a garage sale for a quarter about a month ago. Back when I was in grade school Speed Racer cartoons used to come on right around the time I got off the school bus and I used to watch it every day. Fact: it is impossible for me to pick up a toy Mach 5 without making the “CHA-CHa-Cha-cha” noise at the same time.

The car’s trunk doesn’t open, which is a good thing as I fear it may contain Spridle and Chim-Chim’s bones.

Speed Racer Pops Prototype Action Figure

If you a Speed Racer fan you might like this very cool prototype of Pops. According to Hake’s it is 7.25″ tall 2-up scale painted prototype for “Speed Racer” line of action figures released in Jan., 1999. Figure is Pops, Speed’s father. Painted w/lt. wear to white ball cap, figure displays N. Mint. Example featured in “Tomart’s Action Figure Digest #58” in Nov., 1998. From the Tomart Archives and comes w/COA signed by Tom Tumbusch & Ted Hake.

Speed Racer Pops

Speed Racer Pops Prototype Action Figure [@] Hake’s

RIP Peter “Speed Racer” Fernandez, 1927-2010


Peter Fernandez passed away earlier today from lung cancer. You might not know Fernandez’s name, but you know his work — he was instrumental in first bringing anime to America, well before it was called anime or even recognized as Japanese. Fernandez was the voice director for countless anime series in the ’60s and ’70s, as well as a scriptwriter and voice actor. He will be best remembered as the director, writer and voice of Speed Racer, as well as the composer of its American theme song.