The Speed Buggy Board Game (1973)

I have quite a lot of love for Hanna-Barbera’s Speed Buggy. It is one of the earlier programs I can vividly recall watching every Saturday morning, laying on my stomach in the middle of the living room floor with a big old bowl of sweet, sweet Boo Berry cereal.

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The other day I had a free moment and spent it visiting a local flea market. I happened upon a Speed Buggy board game from back in 1973, released by Milton Bradley. I was sorely tempted to pick up after I did a quick check to see the condition of the board and if all the pieces were present, it all looked good but the price was just too much for my blood. At least I was able to snap a photo of it, that is the image I used up top.

I certainly do not recall ever seeing the game back in the day although I do remember a comic book series from Charlton Comics and of course Speed and Tinker being part of the Laff-A-Lympics as members of the The Scooby Doobies. Thanks though to the always awesome BoardGameGeek I learned how not just the gameplay was handled but can share these great photos.

The game is designed for 2-4 players. By using a spinner, the player moves their personal Speed Buggy the number of moves they earned, interestingly enough a player must travel only in a straight line and they must use all of their moves – if a player finds themselves at an obstacle or end of the board and still has moves they must turn their Speed Buggy over losing their next turn as they right it. I find those rules really gives the illusion of racing around the track!

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.Com

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.Com

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.Com

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.Com

I’m keeping my eye on some listings for the Speed Buggy board game on ebay…I might just make a video of a playthrough if I can get my hands on it!

Speed Buggy Lunchbox

Speed Buggy vs. The Bionic Woman Lunchbox

It’s Friday, the last day of my Lunchbox vs. Lunchbox series. Throughout the week I’ve put lunchboxes up against one another and let you all vote for the winners. I have to admit, today’s showdown is an odd one. These two lunchboxes have nothing to do with one another, and I’m only pairing them up because they’re the last two I have. It is time for Speed Buggy vs. The Bionic Woman Lunchbox. First up is Speed Buggy!

Speed Buggy Lunchbox Front


Speed Buggy was a Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera cartoon that ran for two years, from 1973 to 1975. It was a lot like Speed Racer, if only Speed Racer’s car (the Mach 5) had been Scooby Doo. The voice of Speed Buggy (the actual car) was provided by Mel Blanc. It was a car that literally had a mind of its own.

Speed Buggy Lunchbox Back


Lest anyone forget who the real star of the show, there’s Speed Buggy himself, along with the name of the show: Speed Buggy. Speed Buggy also demanded his own dressing room and often refused to give autographs to waiting fans. Don’t let the smiling bumper fool you; in real life Speed Buggy was kind of a jerk.

Someone who was never a jerk was The Bionic Woman!

The Bionic Woman Lunchbox Front


I’ll be honest with you, I never watched the Bionic Woman and all I know about her I learned from this lunchbox. The Bionic Woman was (apparently) a school teacher who kept children in line by ripping phone books in half in front of the class and threatening to do the same to unruly children.

The Bionic Woman Lunchbox Back


Also, her husband one time told her to “get me a beer” one too many times so she tied him up and ran over him with her svelte red car. Oh wait, I think maybe she’s trying to stop the car in that picture, while those two guys hiding in plain sight look on. Based on the look on that guy’s face, I’d say he doesn’t really believe in the Bionic Woman’s powers, and is saying his prayers right about now. Wouldn’t the Bionic Woman do better to turn the wheel instead of trying to stop the car by placing her fancy shoes in the mud? Then again, what do I know.

It’s Friday folks, so let’s make this one count. Which lunchbox will be today’s winner? Is it the egocentric Speed Buggy, or the stereotypical female driving Bionic Woman? It’s evil vs. evil in this one people, and only you can decide who will prevail!!

Saturday Supercade: Speed Buggy (1973)

I was a little too young to catch Speed Buggy on its debut on the CBS Network in 1973, but I can assure you that I caught it in reruns when it aired on ABC and then on NBC! That’s right, Hanna-Barbera’s Speed Buggy was so popular that it aired on three different TV networks! That is of course not including when it was picked up by the USA Network for their Cartoon Express line up!

Speedy Buggy, an intelligent dune buggy, was voiced by none other than the legendary Warner Bros. Looney Tunes voice man, Mel Blanc. In fact Speed Buggy does sound a little like one famed animated Tasmanian Devil. Speed’s best friend and mechanic, Tinker, was voiced by Phil Luther Jr. (his only voice work that I can find). Tinker’s friends were also part of the gang, Debbie being voiced by Arlene Golonka (appearing in everything from the likes of Get Smart to Matlock), and Mark who was voiced by animation vocal legend, Michael Bell (Plastic Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and the Smurfs among many other roles).

The show was setup like the more famous Hanna-Harbera Scoody-Doo, with the Speed and his friends traveling the country getting into all manner of trouble. In fact, in the New Scooby-Doo Movies, the two teams meet up in the episode entitled “The Weird Winds of Winona”. Speed Buggy has shown up in other animated fare though, such as joining up with Tinker to be part of the Scooby Doobies on Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics. He has also popped up as a statue in Invader Zim and was seen in the episode, “Yakko Goes Banannas”, on Animaniacs.

Besides showing up in the comic book version of the Laff-A-Lympics, Charlton Comics ran a Speed Buggy comic for 9 issues in 1975.