Kermit Meets the Fraggles during A Muppet Family Christmas

A Muppet Family Christmas is one of those Muppet projects that is horribly underrated. It was broadcast on TV back in the late 1980s and is available on DVD. Sadly it is not being printed anymore so the price is high and because of musical rights it is not the original broadcast, but an edited down version. This is a real shame, because the show is a magical Muppet extravaganza that takes characters from different shows and puts them together in a tribute to Christmas. I remember watching it and I was giddy to see the Sesame Street characters interacting with Muppet Show character and my mind was further blown when they threw the Fraggles into the mix.

Here is the scene where Kermit and Robin head down into the Rock to wish the Fraggles a Merry X-mas. Of course a song ensues…

If you get the opportunity to watch the special for the first time, look for a super special cameo towards the end of the show.

Watch the Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Special Online

Straight from 1996, the Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Special was hosted by Caroline Rhea, who played Aunt Hilda on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (and now plays the mom on Phineas and Ferb). The special explains the history of the Walt Disney World Resort and takes a look at upcoming offerings at the parks and resorts. Pure 90s Disney magic.

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Rankin-Bass’ The Ballad of Paul Bunyan (1973)

Rankin-Bass did a lot of specials that have been forgotten by a lot of people. I was a big fan of Paul Bunyan as a kid and I remember catching a re-run of “The Ballad of Paul Bunyan” sometime in the 1980s and loving it. I just rewatched it at lunch today for the first time in a decade and you better believe it holds up pretty well. So enjoy some late afternoon cartoonery and watch Rankin-Bass’ The Ballad of Paul Bunyan online.

The Ballad of Paul Bunyan – Part 1 of 2

The Ballad of Paul Bunyan – Part 2 of 2