explorer 1 glass

Early US Spaceflight Glass Set

explorer 1 glass

I was very luck growing up in a home with parents who appreciated and celebrated America’s achievements in Space. They saved newspapers and bought trinkets and doodads all of which I loved looking at. One thing that was off limits were the glasses celebrating various NASA programs. I was forbidden to even touch them. This of course made them much more attractive. On the night after a successful rocket launch I would see on TV, I would sneak downstairs and sneak a celebratory glass of milk from an Apollo glass that I really liked, then I would clean it and put it back on the shelf. Why did this memory come flooding back to me? I spotted this set of Early US Spaceflight Glasses on Hake’s this morning.

According to Hake’s:

4″ tall. Four images and text below. Includes “Explorer 1/First U.S. Orbital Flight Jan. 31, 1958; U.S. Animal Test Flight ‘Enos’ Nov. 29, 1961; First U.S. Spaceman Allen B. Shepherd, Jr. May 5, 1961; Longest U.S. Manned Flight L. Gordon Cooper Jr. May 15-16, 1963.” Scarce and Exc.

Early US Spaceflight Glass Set @ Hake’s

Apollo Contractor’s Model

Golden Age Space Contractor’s Models can be very rare. But when you have the opportunity to check one out, you should. They are always pleasing for their attention to detail and general awesomeness. Hake’s is selling this wonderful Apollo model, and while it is not in the greatest condition, I think it would look great on just about any shelf in any home.