Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids

Listen to the music from Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids

The recent posts featuring the instrumental music from Star Trek: The Animated Series and the 1966 animated series of Spider-Man inspired this entry.

I love cartoons that feature characters who have bands and sing during the episodes. Instead of blatantly explaining the moral of the episode, the characters explain it through song. The best is Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, or as their band is known, The Junkyard Band. The band uses junk and every day objects as instruments to entertain us with their positive message.

For the most part, each episode featured a laugh track and applause at the end of each song to enhance the energy and message the band provided. Michael Gray provided Fat Albert’s singing voice and died at an early age of 35 in 1988.

01 – ‘We’re All Together’ – (Creativity) – 3:16
02 – ‘Don’t Look Down On A Small Guy’ – (The Runt) – 5:35
03 – ‘Everybody’s Different’ – (The Stranger) – 7:59
04 – ‘One World’ – (Fish Out Of Water) – 10:23
05 – ‘Friends’ – (Moving) – 12:48
06 – ‘Playin’ Hookey’ – (Playing Hookey) – 14:44
07 – ‘The Hospital’ – (The Hospital) – 17:09
08 – ‘Begging Benny’ – (Begging Benny) – 19:36
09 – ‘The Hero’ – (Hero) – 21:46
10 – ‘A Joke Isn’t A Joke If You Hurt Someone’ – (The Prankster) – 24:11
11 – ‘Four Eyes’ – (Four Eyes) – 26:24
12 – ‘She’s A Tomboy’ – (Tomboy) – 28:51
13 – ‘Stage Fright’ – (Stage Fright) – 31:16
14 – ‘The Bully’ – (The Bully) – 33:44
15 – ‘It’s Not Easy (But You Can Make It If You Try)’ – (Smart Kid) – 36:08
16 – ‘Dope Is For Dopes’ – (Mister Big Time) – 38:07
17 – ‘Lean On Me’ – (The Newcomer) – 40:36
18 – ‘Everybody’s Job Is Important’ – (What Does Dad Do?) – 42:53
19 – ‘You Can Be Together And Still Be Miles Apart’ – (Mom Or Pop) – 45:19
20 – ‘Check It Out’ – (How The West Was Lost) – 47:40
21 – ‘Signs’ – (Sign Off) – 50:04
22 – ‘Don’t Mess With The Man’ – (The Fuzz) – 52:27
23 – ‘Ask Your Momma’ – (An Ounce Of Prevention) – 54:48
24 – ‘There’s A Whole Lot Of Fish In The Sea’ – (Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid) – 57:13
25 – ‘Stealing Is Uncool’ – (Take Two They’re Small) – 59:32
26 – ‘Take A Look Around You’ – (The Animal Lover) – 1:01:58
27 – ‘Everybody Has A Song To Sing’ – (Little Tough Guy) – 1:04:20
28 – ‘Believe It Or Not’ – (Smoke Gets In Your Hair) – 1:06:42
29 – ‘Listen’ – (What Say) – 1:09:05
30 – ‘Your Teacher Can Be Your Friend’ – (Readin’, Ritin’, and Rudy) – 1:11:28
31 – ‘Soap And Water’ – (Suede Simpson) – 1:13:58
32 – ‘Look Before You Leap’ – (Little Business) – 1:16:29
33 – ‘Tv Or Not Tv’ – (Tv Or Not Tv) – 1:18:59

Hey, Hey, Hey! If you’re not careful you might learn something before it’s done.

Superman Songs

As far as I’m concerned, the 90s is getting a little too far out of the retro range. I just don’t have the feelings for that decade that I do for the 80s, even though I was still in high school for the first two and a half years of it.

One thing I do know about the 90s, though, is that they had a lot of songs about Superman for some reason. Here are a few I remember:

(Yes, that’s Alanis Morissette)

Superman would continue to be featured in late 90s songs like “Real World” by matchbox 20 and “Superman’s Dead” by Our Lady Peace. There were some Superman songs in the modern era as well: “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down and “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five For Fighting. And I know there are dozens I didn’t list and some I don’t even know about. Hey, that’s what the comment section is meant for!

Kristen Lawrence Halloween Music

Can we all agree that there just isn’t enough Halloween music out there? I mean, we have tons of Christmas carols, but very few Halloween Hymns. Fortunately, Kristen Lawrence is working to rectify this imbalance. I had remembered a song my elementary school class had sung in Music. It was called The Ghost of John. That led me to this video from Kristen:

That video in turn led me to Kristen’s website where you can hear a lot more of her music. I think she has a good understanding of Halloween and has created a perfect Halloween sound. Just listening to her do the hooks is eerie. You can get The Ghost of John and several others for free on her site, and you can get Kristen’s albums on iTunes.

In a related note, there was another song we sang in that Music class: There Was An Old Woman All Skin And Bones. This is the best video of it I could find.