Did You Know Chicago Performed on Solid Gold?

Chicago on Solid Gold? Seriously, Chicago the band on a show known for dancers in gold lame shorts…in the same sentence?!

I’ll let that sink in.

Guess What Allison Found!

Fresh off their post-Cetera lineup change in 1985-1986, Chicago proved they can play the heck out of any venue…even if that venue was known for female dancers in gold lame shorts dancing to the day’s biggest songs. You probably didn’t know Chicago performed on Solid Gold, and neither did I…until now!

But It’s True!

In 1987, Chicago performed not one, but TWO songs from Chicago 18 – Adult Contemporary radio staple (31 years and counting!) “Will You Still Love Me?”

…and the lesser-known Bill Champlin/David Foster-penned “It’s Alight.” For the record, there were no gold lame shorts-clad dancers slinking around the stage to “It’s Alright.”

Because it would just be weird if they did it to “Will You Still Love Me,” right?

Here’s my point – there were no dancers.  Just lots of neon shirts, mustachioed Bill Champlin, and Jason Scheff’s permullet.

I swear, you get a 23-year-old lead singer, and suddenly, you start appealing to the youth!

You’d love to hear/see these songs, wouldn’t you?

Will You Still Love Me For Sharing This Performance?

Upload via eltrnet

I swear, this song has the effect of forcing you to forgive Jason Scheff for something – anything – that he probably has ever done. Every transgression, disagreement, and argument – forgiven when he sings this.

If he threw in a hair flip, this article would be a series of keystrokes I didn’t even realize I made. Because my head probably hit the keyboard upon blacking out.

But wait, there’s more! And Robert Lamm is happy to tell you all about it!

It’s Alright…Oh, Right! That’s the Name of the Song!

Robert Lamm, proud emcee and spokesperson, is happy to introduce their next song, and its singer!

And he used the song’s title to describe it – he’s so funny!

Upload via The Music of Chicago & Related

So, here’s my question: how did this song not see a release? It’s a great song, combining everything we love about Chicago with the sweet 1980s sound that made up the second wave of their legacy. And Bill Champlin, despite how I feel about his attitude toward his time with Chicago, has an amazing voice. His contributions were always a welcome delight.

Plus there’s no denying he truly had the coolest mullet of them all….

…until his gorgeous mane of awesomeness took over.

Buckner And Garcia Perform “Pac-Man Fever” On Solid Gold (1982)

With the great news posted earlier by the Retroist that today IS Pac-Man Day, it seemed an opportune moment to share Buckner and Garcia’s “Pac-Man Fever” performance on Solid Gold.

So if you are not too exhausted from visiting your local arcade and playing hours of Pac-Man to help celebrate this wondrous day why not take a moment and watch this fantastic performance?

[Via] Ronafe69’s YouTube Channel

All I need now is a bowl of Pac-Man cereal and my day will be set!

Madame and Me

Before there was Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator, there was Wayland Flowers. Technically, Flowers was less a ventriloquist and more a puppeteer, but the basic premise remains the same. He did shows and skits with puppets. One of his most famous puppets was an old hag named Madame. Maybe “hag” isn’t so nice, but, man, was this broad misshapen, particularly in the chin and mouth area. Not only did she have a distinctive look, but she had a distinctive gravely voice as well. Flowers and Madame appeared on The Andy Williams Show, Hollywood Squares, and Laugh-In, and she also had her own sitcom, Madame’s Place. But I know her best from her many appearances on Solid Gold. Like so many things I saw in my really young days, I couldn’t understand Madame and was pretty much traumatized by her. But I don’t find her scary today. At least, not as scary.