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Diet Coke World Premiere

Remember the Diet Coke World Premiere?

The year was 1983 and a new soft drink was about to be thrust upon an unsuspecting world. To kick off this glorious new beverage, Coca-Cola threw a Diet Coke World Premiere and all the stars of 1983 were there. I am not sure that exactly how this all went down, but if I remember right, this was actually a much larger ad campaign with more parts. Sadly I have not been able to track more of the footage down.

I am not too jaded to admit that I find this sort of product release sort of charming. With all the hype we get surrounding movies, video games, music and technology, why not more hype around soft drinks? They are a massive industry and the are all about appealing to lifestyle. Why not gather big celebrities under the guise of a party the next time a new one is released?

Two names are standouts in this particular commercial. The great Telly Savalas who just drips and odd charisma and Carol Channing who radiates a weird energy that I find very charming. She is as bubbly and effervescent as the soft drink she has come out to support. A lot of others flash by sipping Diet Coke and looking fabulous. How many can you name?

Watch the Diet Coke World Premiere commercial

Carol Channing is still alive, but she is getting up there. Coke, if you want to land her for you next product party, you better do it quickly.

Fresh-Up Freddie, the Seven Up Spokesbird

I was browsing Hake’s this morning when I stumbled upon this wonderful and colorful Fresh-Up Freddie Button.

For those who are more familiar with 7 Ups more contemporary mascot, here is a little background on good ol’ Freddie. Fresh-Up Freddie was the rooster mascot for 7 Up in the late 1950s. In his ad campaign, he gave viewers lessons about how to plan successful parties and picnics by having a plenty of 7 Up on hand.

The commercials were produced by Disney, giving the character that specific Disney look of the time and when you see the commercials and character, the Disney influences are apparent. Freddie was a crossover between Panchito Pistoles, the rooster and Aracuan Bird from The Three Caballeros. He was voiced by cartoon voice and Disney legend Paul Frees.