Shmoo Soap

I had a punchable Shmoo as a kid. Not sure where I got it, but I know my Grandmother really got a kick out of it. I always wondered why until I realized that Shmoo was a character from the late 1940s. Shmoo was like a force of nature when he came out and products appeared on the shelves. Amongst those products was this unusual Shmoo Soap that is being sold on Hakes with its original box.

shmoo soap

2.5x4x2.25″ deep box contains 3.25″ tall figural Shmoo soap figure designed by Lynda Moore for Kerk Guild Inc. Soap bears striking resemblance to Al Capp’s beloved character w/black facial accents painted on, some of these appearing faint. Soap has aged somewhat but remains completely intact and comes w/original packing material. VF. Box lid has bw Al Capp art showing Li’l Abner and Daisy Mae w/2 Shmoos exclaiming “A Soapy Shmoo!!” ©1948 United Features. Box lid side reads “Al Capp’s Soapy Shmoos.” Lid has aged w/.25x.5″ area of surface paper lift by Daisy but box is Fine overall.

Chicken Nuggets Fast Food Kids Meal Soap Set

food soap

Need to mess with people’s heads? When they go to wash their hands at your house? Just order up his Chicken nugget soap set. When you do, you’ll receive 4 chicken nuggets, 8 french fries, and a Sweet and Sour sauce dipping cup (yes, that’s soap too – just pop out of the plastic container and enjoy!) But it doesn’t end there, though because it’s not a fun kids meal until there’s a toy there, too. Included is a brand new, packaged toy (styles will vary – the toys may contain small parts, so we recommend these for children 3 and up). Upon checkout,mention if you’d like a toy for a boy or a girl (if no preference is mentioned, you’ll receive a neutral toy). It is all packaged in a decorative food-style bag. A great gift and party favor idea!

SweetSoap Chicken Nuggets Fast Food Kids Meal Soap Set [@] ajsweetsoap

Cassette Tape Soap Rocks

Nothing feels better then getting clean, right? But the eternal questions we all face is how can I get clean and at the same time enjoy a retro lifestyle. Sure you could spend 1000s of dollars on case after case of vintage Smurf Crazy Foam or you could pop on over to stinkybomb’s Etsy Store and Rock the dirt away with this cassette-shaped purple soap.

Cassette Tape Soap [@] Etsy

Vintage Swan Soap Ad

Swan was a brand of soap marketed by Lever Brothers Company in the 1940s and 1950s. Like its competitor Ivory, it was a floating soap. Swan was advertised as a soap that could be used in the kitchen as a hand soap or in the bathroom to bathe the baby. A typical ad boasted that Swan was “the white floating soap that’s purer than the finest castiles”. Lever Brothers used the Swan brand name to sponsor several radio programs, including The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show from 1941 to 1945, My Friend Irma in the late 1940s, and The Bob Hope Show from 1948 to 1949. As you can see Swan Soap’s print ads were colorful works of art, and often featured children, babies, soapsuds and, of course, a swan. Many people had the Swan Soap ad prints displayed on their wall at home. The art prints were made available to the public as a promotion by the company.

vintage swan soap ad