John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd Interviewed on the Today Show in 1981

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are interviewed by acclaimed movie critic Gene Shalit on “The Today Show” in 1981, talking about their latest release at the time, “Neighbors”, which turned out to be the last vehicle for the two, as Belushi died a few months after this interview was done. They also mention their upcoming project, “Spies Like Us”.

More on the 1978 DEVO Appearance on Saturday Night Live

Last Sunday’s DEVO post was so popular I decided to do some follow up work on the performance and got some insight from DEVO’s own, Gerald Casale. I asked him if the agitation shown by members of the Saturday Night Live cast during those seemingly uncomfortable closing credits, where Booji Boy crawled around the stage, was real? I also wondered if this had been talked about in interviews before. Casale was nice enough to respond:

No, it was all too real. I have spoken about those 3 days in interviews. Incredible and unparalleled are the operative words.

This is exactly what I wanted to hear. It was all real AND their was other source material to look for (I love long term quests). So far I have been able to find one interview that has been posted online, but I will keep looking. The interview I found was one that Casale gave to Acid Logic’s Will Forbis. It looks like DEVO made quite an impression on the cast.

We appeared on SNL in October of 1978. Mark began dating Laraine. Belushi snorted the entire contents of the first gram of coke I ever purchased. Dan said he was sorry he threw away the DEVO video I had sent him a year earlier.

Obviously Akroyd really became a fan (and sorry he SHOULD be), because as many of you know, DEVO did the very awesome theme song for his underrated film “Doctor Detroit“. As for Belushi taking the entire gram of coke from Casale, that is kind of an honor, like Willy Wonka taking all of your candy.

For more information on DEVO, visit Club DEVO and stay there.
AND if you like DEVO you will love Gerald Casale’s solo project Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers.

DEVO Performs Jocko Homo on Saturday Night Live in 1978

Maybe you don’t realize this, but DEVO is awesome. They always have been and always will be. I will continue to hammer this point home every Sunday until you bow before their might. So to kick off this effort, please enjoy this amazing version of Jocko Homo that was performed on Saturday Night Live in 1978 (Fred Willard was the host). I really like how they use the original intro from the Jocko Homo music video, it works really well.

Watch on Photobucket (video keeps getting removed everywhere else)

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