The Future of Baseball is nearly upon us!

I don’t really like ‘real’ Baseball as a sport. Playing it can be fun, but the need to follow so many rules can really make it drag out.

That said, I am hugely excited about the game because I have seen its future. In only three years time – in 2020 – you’ll be seeing male, female and robotic players in the field!

Yes, the future of baseball is almost here!

The Future of Baseball is here

In the world of Super Baseball 2020, robots jostle with human players in the Cyber Egg Stadium. To properly complete, human competitors can be equipped with powerful armour, computer sensors, and jet-packs for improved offence and defensive skills. Jet-packs!

Even the commentators are going to look cool!

Wait? What the hell is that robot? That one looks hostile! Those glowing red eyes suggest that baseball might only be the start of the robot revolution.

Super Baseball 2020 by Marc Ericksen

The image above, the one with the evil robot, can be found on the website of artist Marc Ericksen. Marc was asked to create the piece for Electronic Arts in 1994 after they had seen an earlier work created for GamePro magazine around a Japanese baseball game called Bases Loaded II: Second Season.

As you’ll see from this fantastic artwork, the future might actually involve laser swords instead of bats. You need this sort of kit if you’re going to be hitting balls thrown at light-speed by robots.

Bases Loaded II: Second Season by Marc Ericksen

Experience the future, in Super Baseball 2020, on the Neo Geo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. You can see a great comparison video over on the Retro Core Youtube channel.

The side-by-side comparisons from around 10 minutes into the video are a great way to get a glimpse of the future.

This post marks the start of a new series from me:
An irreverent and artistic A-Z of Neo Geo Gaming. Catchy, right?

Super Mario Kart… with 101 players!

Hands up if you loved Super Mario Kart on the SNES. Lots of hands? Good! Keep your hands up if you think that Super Mario Kart remains the pinnacle of the series, and cannot be beaten. Still some hands up! Well, prepare to re-evaluate that opinion as Hat-Loving Gamer gives you the Nintendo classic with 101 racers on course!

Watch the video below and see how many characters you recognise. Be warned though. not all of them are from Nintendo!

Visit the Youtube video page for the complete character list. You can also visit the Hat-Lover on Patreon to keep the cool coming, or the creators Facebook page for more awesome.

It’s time to slam it into gear with Rock N’ Roll Racing

Rock 'N Roll Racing

I was reading through a “Top 20 retro racing game” feature online and at number 18 was one of my favourite Super Nintendo games – Rock ‘N Roll Racing!

I spent many hours driving around its isometric tracks back in 1993. The game was definitely fun, but like so many games that I played in my youth, it wasn’t the gameplay that kept me hooked, it was the soundtrack. As you can probably guess from the title of the game, the music in the game had a hard rock tone, featuring classics such Paranoid by Black Sabbath, Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf and Henry Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme!

The video above has just the music and is great for a nostalgic listen as background music. The hardcore amongst you could opt for the 4 hour play-through of the game below!

I’d forgotten that Olaf from The Lost Vikings game was a playable character in this SNES classic!

RetroLink USB SNES Controller

I recently purchased this little controller from ThinkGeek and I must say I have been completely pleased with it so far.

I love playing retro games on my computer, but they never feel quite right when using a modern controller (or worse, the keyboard). For the past several years I’ve been using a PlayStation controller connected to a PSX-to-USB box which works okay, but still doesn’t have quite the feel an old school controller would.

RetroLink makes several different styles of retro game controllers that connect to computers using USB, including NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis controllers. (The company also makes adapters that convert real retro controllers to USB for use with your computer as well.) Because they don’t require drivers, these controllers work equally well for PCs and Macs. I’ve always found the SNES controller to be comfortable to hold, so that’s the one I purchased. The cable is 6′ long so it’s definitely long enough, and any program or emulator on your computer that recognizes USB controllers should instantly recognize these controllers as well.

The first thing I fired up was WinVice, the Commodore 64 emulator. The controller worked like a champ and will definitely be getting some serious gaming use in the future!