These aren’t the Smurfs you’re looking for…

The Smurfs!

I’m starting this post with a disclaimer: I don’t like The Smurfs. I’m not going to elaborate on that point, I’m sure you can think of a number of reasons why those smurfing Smurfs could invoke my smurfing wrath! That said, I do like fan-art when it is as well conceived as this piece from artist Sylvain Sarrailh – part of the artists’ BADASS series, you can find many more like this on his deviantArt site.

Badass Cartoons

If you like the BADASS series, you might be interested in backing a project to get the images into a hardcover book.

Smurf Village

I ran across these Smurf villages on clearance at Toys R Us not too long ago. Each had been marked $5 off and I suspect the prices will go lower than that soon.

When I see toys like this in stores today I wonder if there is a market for them? My kids got their fill of small plastic toys from McDonald’s and Burger King. When I was their age I was into collecting action figures; they are more into electronic games already. I can’t imagine my kids being adults and having a shelf full of Smurfs in their computer room…

2014-09-24 15.50.42

…like their dad. ;)

The Smurf Wrap-an-Egg from Easter Unlimited

Smurf Wrap-an-Egg

As it is Easter time, I thought I’d have a quick look around for some retro-inspired Easter Eggs. This was the first thing that caught my eye!

The 1984 Smurf Wrap-an-Egg package encourages you to decorate 12 eggs in ‘just seconds’! It’s easy to do, there’s no fuss and no messy paints or dyes! So that’s a win for everyone, right?

Looking at the instructions, I’m pretty sure the children needed to be supervised for this task as you were required to dip the wrapper-on-egg combo into boiling water for 3 seconds. Once you were done, you would be the proud owner of some hard-boiled eggs with Smurf Wrappers atop… actually, I’m starting to think this was a raw deal for those craving a sweet treat!

There were also Rainbow Brite and Peanuts versions too:

Wrap an Egg

Did any Retroist readers ever do these?

Chick Corea’s Friends? The Smurfs!

Chick Corea is a contemporary American jazz musician who, sadly, I had never heard of before yesterday. Although I am unfamiliar with his work, I am, however, familiar with the Smurfs, which is what caught my eye while digging around in the music bin of my local thrift store:

What surprised me about this album (er, 8-track) was that it was released in 1978, three years before The Smurfs cartoon series invaded the United States. What was a pretty obscure reference in 1978 (at least in the US) would become instantly recognizable characters just a few years later.

Later versions of the album cover were changed, possibly to avoid copyright issues.

(Comparison photo courtesy of

Beetlejuice, Trolls, and Smurfette

Sometimes when I see odd groupings of toys displayed like this in an antique mall, I can’t help but wonder — did the person selling the toys arrange them this way? Did someone come along and move the toys around like this? Or maybe it’s like Toy Story and the toys come to life at night, only to freeze when human beings come along and spoil their night of fun.

I’d like to think that if Beetlejuice ever held a tea party, the Trolls and Smurfette would be invited to attend.