Superman Loves Lungs

Do you remember the scene in Superman: The Movie where Lois Lane is interviewing Superman and Supes gives Lois a quick lung cancer check? I love that scene, and I’ve often wondered if it helped influence anyone to stop them smoking. Having the Man of Steel confirm the smoking/cancer link must surely have given some people a reason to think about quitting.

Lois Lane Lungs

I recently discovered that in 1979 America’s Health Education Council used Superman to convey a similar message. “With my amazing X-Ray vision I can see the HARM cigarettes do inside people’s bodies. That’s why I don’t SMOKE!”. I couldn’t have said it better.

The same education council used Nick O’Teen as a bad guy with bad breath and stinky clothes who smokes so much he puffs and pants like a broken down steam engine!

Why Nick O'Teen is a Weed
Crush Evil!

I also found that the American Lung Association has Supes tackling asthma with their 1982 Super Stuff PSA:

You might think that Superman should be trusted in these matters, but this comic image sends a very different message:

Superman Loves Cigars!

Just remember folks, crush the evil Nick O’Teen, hijacker of health, foe of the fit, NEVER SAY YES TO A CIGARETTE!

I am Not Sure What the Question is, but if You Lived in the Late 70s/Early 80s, this Guy had Your Answer

I have posted some great Photos of the Day here on the site, but today’s find by The Damn Mushroom is mind blowingly wonderful. Instead of a setup photo of kids and adults playing Atari and hanging around the living room, Mushy manages to find a photo of late 70s/early 80s man at the height of his power, reigning over his court sometime after 1980.

Adorned in his finest robe, with his Mrs. Roper-esque old lady by his side. This man among men sits in opulent splendor, whiling away his days eating brownies (or coffee cake) and drinking and smoking. Concern is not for him. He only needs to worry about two things, is his new beard coming in even and how can he achieve a higher score in Asteroids on his Atari 2600 (looks like a 4 switch Woody, which is why I guess post 1980)?

So much great stuff in this pic to spot and celebrate(and you should check out the larger version on Flickr). The furniture, the double door, the stubby lamp on the TV table, the handle of the plastic comb! Who is using a comb in this photo? The sleeping cat??

What is your favorite thing about this photo?

Just One Cigarette – Anti-Smoking PSA

This public service announcement was brought to you by your local Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association, which would later become the American Lung Association. The music and cinematography is great, but the real payoff in this PSA comes at the 53 second mark. It is their that she literally kicks her bad habit (which she keeps betwixt her heals).

Thanks to electricdisk for sending this over.