Skull and Crossbones

I was reading the NES section of Brett Weiss’ Classic Home Video Games and discovered there was an NES port of the Atari arcade game Skull and Crossbones. That was the first time I had thought of that game in years. Atari put Skull and Crossbones into the arcades of America in 1989. I never played it, but I did see it at our local Aladdin’s Castle on one occasion. The kid playing it had made it to the ninja camp level, and two guys watching behind him said there was no way a pirate could beat a ninja. I know nothing of the game beyond that, and I don’t know if a pirate could beat a ninja or not (we’ll leave that up to Flack, our resident ninja expert). I greatly suspect, though, that the game would have been a major hit if it came out after the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I guess The Goonies’ One-Eyed Willie just wasn’t a big enough wave for the game to surf on.