Skittles Candy TV Commercial (1974)

I admit that I probably have an addiction problem when it comes to Skittles candy. I didn’t learn of this problem until I was working at our local move theater in my neck of the woods…when you are spending three to five dollars a day on Skittles…it’s time to face the facts.

Seeing this cute commercial from 1974 is making me want to drive to the store however. Thanks to Heine71 for uploading this over on YouTube.

So is there a candy you just have to have to make it through the day?

1988 Skittles Halloween Commercial

This commercial actually makes a lot of sense. When I was younger, Skittles were a pretty rare treat in my neck of the woods and a house that was handing them out was sure to be the talk of the block. This ad rings true because we used to give advice to our fellow trick or treaters all the time. This might not have been the best strategy, since tricks and treats are a zero sum game, but we had honor and no one could take that from us.

Skittles’ Halloween Commercial (1988)

I think we all learned from the Skittle riots of 1988 that giving away Skittles for Halloween is a recipe for disaster. Now I hear tell that Skittles is making a big comeback for this Halloween. When will we learn people? Kids have an insatiable hunger for the sweet taste of Skittles and the the things they are willing to do for a pouch is … well if you saw the carnage after the 88 season … you would think we would know better by now.