1980s Newspaper Article Shows He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe “Spreading Good Cheer”!

Image courtesy of the Will is a Dork Tumblr.

Image courtesy of the Will is a Dork Tumblr.

Now doesn’t that brighten your day? Here is a picture of He-Man and Skeletor putting aside their differences to help ease the pain of others.

I’m not sure the print is legible but it reads: “Three Masters of the Universe characters recently paid a visit to the pediatric department at Frederick Memorial Hospital. The visit to spread good cheer was made possible by Frederick Towne Mall and Mattel Toys. Getting a handshake is Adam White, 3 1/2, of New Market, as he is held by grandmother Mary Louise Dotterer. Standing from the left are He-Man (Rick Malee), Skeletor (Rudy Fish), and Orko (Debbie Raley).
(Photo by Sam Yu)”

This photo came courtesy of the Will Is A Dork tumblr. Will is William McKenzie, who just happens to be a big name in the word of Custom Mego!

What If He-Man and Skeletor were Best Friends?

This beautiful limited edition 18×24 GicleĆ© on cotton rag print by Matt Skiff imagines a world where He-Man and Skeletor are best pals. In this alternative universe Eternia was eternally peaceful and pizza and Mountain Dew are consumed at every meal.

It sounds and looks like paradise.

What If He-Man and Skeletor were Best Friends? [via] Matt Skiff

Mer-Man By Dave Rapoza!

As a fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe…I always felt that Mer-Man had been given a raw deal, especially in the animated series where he was depicted as such a bumbler. In my adventures with my toys on the living room floor, Mer-Man demanded respect from even the likes of Skeletor! His kingdom covered nearly two-thirds of Eternia and He-Man and his fellow Masters of the Universe were hard pressed to keep Mer-Man in check.

It’s not surprising that no one in school shared this viewpoint.

But this awesome piece of art by the incredibly talented Dave Rapoza over on deviantART shows the reason Mer-Man was to be feared…

…because when you look in the eyes of this villain you just know he would have no qualms about biting your face off.

Make sure to follow the link up above to see more of Dave’s fantastic artwork from not only He-Man but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the World of Warcraft!

The New Adventures of He-Man Toy Commercial (1990)

Okay…let’s be honest here. This boy has a very major problem. It would seem that his bedroom is a focal point, a spot where the boundaries of two realities have become so stretched and thinned to the breaking point as to allow Skeletor to cross over into our dimension. That kid has to sleep sometime…what happens if Skeletor comes back then?!

I’m probably thinking about this way too much.

A big thanks to Spaced Cobra TV over on YouTube for uploading this.