Sinistar wallpaper

Sinistar Arcade Flyer (1982)

Sinistar is an absolute classic of the arcades back in my youth and still popular in culture if South Park’s Imaginationland and the popular World of Warcraft are including them in their works. The game was developed by Sam Dicker, Jack Haeger, Noah Falstein, RJ Mical and Richard Witt. The voice of Sinistar was done by John Doremus, who had become well known for his radio show “The Passing Parade” and in 1964 his company created the idea for in-flight music on airlines.

As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for this wonderful collection of scanned Sinistar images.

Thanks to GlassDarkly for uploading these great segments of interview with RJ Mical from the William’s Greatest Hits 1!

Arcade Classic Sinistar Now Available for the Atari 5200

5200 Sinistar

Fast-paced space shooter, Sinistar, is NOW available in cartridge form for the Atari 5200. This game was an arcade classic (at least in my book). The game was finished back in the day for the 5200, but was never released. Now, thanks to the work of dedicated fans, the game has been released in a limited run. So check out the gameplay video below and then order your copy today.