Terry Ververgaert’s “Everything Is Comin Up Millhouse!”

Image courtesy of Terry Ververgaert at deviantART

Image courtesy of Terry Ververgaert at deviantART

No fooling. I would totally buy an issue of Spider-Man off the comic stands if Marvel Comics would allow Terry Ververgaert to illustrate it using only Simpson characters.

A big thanks to Comics Alliance for the heads up on this wonderful artwork, make sure to follow the link provided up top to see the illustration in full size.

Can you name all of the Simpson characters and who they are portraying?

Halloween Peanuts and Simpsons Merch

Peanuts is an indelible part of Halloween. This is largely became It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is such a seminal Halloween special, but Peanuts has been associated with Halloween in other ways as well. And The Simpsons are rooted to Halloween by twenty-plus years of Treehouse of Horror episodes. Here’s some Peanuts and Simpsons Halloween merch I found while wondering the stores today.