Cabin Fever

Retro Guy’s Winter Day: Cabin Fever – VC & RVG #9

Cabin Fever…a lot of us suffer from it during the winter. Even people who usually spend most of their time indoors playing retro video games as well as messing around with vintage computers.
Cabin Fever

So I decided to make a video of how I usually pass a winter’s day and fight off cabin fever.

For this ninth video of Vintage Computers & Retro Video Games – I’m joined once again by my robot friend, Robie Junior from Radio Shack.

[Via] Justin Salvato

When I’m not working on my boxing website, I am in fact scrounging the internet and thrift shops for vintage computer systems & retro gaming consoles. When you have the time make sure to visit my personal YouTube page for more retro fun.

The Sounds of Sinus

Over the past week I’ve flown from Oklahoma to Dallas, Dallas to Baltimore, taken a shuttle from Baltimore to Washington D.C., ridden the Metro back and forth several times, taken a shuttle from D.C. back to Baltimore, flown from Baltimore to Dallas, and driven a rental car from Dallas back home after the final leg of my trip was cancelled.

It’s no surprise that my sinuses are out of whack. I’ve been sniffling and snorting, dealing with a runny nose and burning throat all week. These are the sounds of sinus, as immortalized in 1983 by Mark Young.

Simon (Carabiner Edition)

While standing in the check out line of our local Hobby Lobby, I spied this miniature version of Simon hanging in the “impulse buy” section for only $9.99.


I actually had no idea what “carabiner” meant and had to look it up. According to Wikipedia it’s a “metal loop with a sprung gate,” often used with ropes and rock climbing.

I do not think the Carabiner edition of Simon is safety-rated for being used with ropes and/or rock climbing. If anyone gets around to trying it out (and survives), please let us know.

Pocket Simon by Milton Bradley

Has this ever happened to you? While sitting on an airplane, the person sitting in front of you leans his or her seat back, leaving you no room to play with a full-sized electronic Simon game on the plane! What to do?!

Why, if you owned a handy-dandy pocket-sized version of Simon, this wouldn’t be a problem for you!

Milton Bradley has released multiple pocket-sized versions of their popular Simon game over the years. The original version, released all the way back in 1980, was black in color just like the original Simon. This clear one was released in the mid-1990s, and plays just like the original pocket version.

Unlike most modern handheld games, this miniaturized version of Simon contains no headphone jack, and if there’s a volume switch on mine it doesn’t appear to be working. I wonder just how long a kid could play this thing during a cross country road trip (or an adult on an airplane) before driving the people around him or her nuts?