Retro Signs on sale at Hobby Lobby

When I was a kid I associated Hobby Lobby with hobbies. I mostly remember them mostly selling art supplies and toy models and fabric. These days they sell a lot more than that, including lots of home decorating signs. Last night I found a ton of retro themed signs on sale for 50% off!

Retro Signs (1)

These large signs, including that Play-Dough one, were marked at $20 (normally $40). They also had these slightly smaller ones available.

Retro Signs (2)

So many good ones here — Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear, and more! These signs were $15-$17.50, depending on the size. I really loved that bomb pop sign down near the bottom. (Spoiler alert: I ended up buying that microphone sign. It’s hanging next to where I podcast.)

Retro Signs (3)

Here are more signs from the same price range. Although not all of these are retro (*cough* Duck Dynasty *cough*) I felt compelled to include that Mr. Potato sign.

Finally, next to the metal signs were these mounted canvas piece of art.

Retro Signs (4)

The vintage board game covers were $15, and the only reason I didn’t buy one is because I wanted to buy them all. The smaller signs were $10 each. Any of these signs would be a great addition to a retro-themed room.

Th-Th-That’s all, folks!

Dancing Snack People Signs

Do you, like me, consider your kitchen just a giant snack bar that fuels your tiny, but respectable home arcade and movie theater? Well if so, it is time to get the appropriate signage that says to all who visit, this way to delicious snacks. Order dozens of these guys and assemble a snack person army. They will stand vigil over your delicious treats and fight against the evil hungrys that seeks to distract your from your movies and video games. How can you resist these guys, they are adorable…

Get Yourself Some Dancing Snack Signs

Classic Roy Rogers Fast Food Sign

Roy Rogers dotted the landscape of New Jersey when I was growing up. Sadly in the competitive fast food market, they just couldn’t keep up and they did not make it. I do think that 1 or 2 independent ones still might exist there though. When we stopped there, I would have chicken usually and I really enjoyed their french fries.

I wonder if they had put up some of these old style signs, if it would have helped keep Roys in business.

Classic Roy Roger’s Sign [via] Retroist Image Pool

The Classic “Big Hat” Arby’s Sign

I am not a huger fan of the Arby’s chain of restaurants, but every time I have gone to an Arby’s it has been because of the magnetic power of these retro signs. When I see one on the side of a highway, I feel compelled to pull over an marvel at it. And as long as I am there…why not some roast beef? This great photo was posted in the Retroist Image Pool by photographer, justintron.

Classic Arby's sign