WARNING: You’re going to need this Vomit Bag!

Vomit Bag

I was so taken with the image of the vomit bag above that I took it upon myself to go on the hunt for more and, as ever, the internet never lets you down when you find yourself on the hunt for oddities! Other than the gimmick that is ‘3D’, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie at the cinema where I was handed a prop. I wish that wasn’t the case as I would have loved to have been given a pre-emptive ‘sick bag’ to prepare myself for the ‘stomach distress’!

More Vomit Bags

Perhaps I just don’t see enough films that are ‘Rated V for Violence’, or perhaps Mark of the Devil has never been beat as ‘the most horrifying film ever made’? Somehow I doubt that Vomit Bags were ever a legal requirement to watch a film – I’m looking at you Nature Trail to Hell… IN 3D…

Even more Vomit Bags

Oh, perhaps Mark of the Devil was bested as the most horrifying film, it says so on the barf bag for Tomb of the Blind Dead! Hey wait a minute, those two look suspiciously similar… and the Satellite Gore switch to shaky green isn’t fooling me either, though I applaud the marketing people who ‘guaranteed to make you sick’.