Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent

Boldy Go Camping In This Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent

For those of you that are stout enough to survive the harshness of the elements and go camping. Why not put a retro spin to your tent of choice? In fact make it a Star Trek Shuttlecraft tent!
Star Trek Shuttlecraft - Next Generation

Now I will certainly be the first to admit that my Star Trek knowledge isn’t all-encompassing. While I am more familiar with the original Star Trek series. I did however retain some info thanks to those long and lonely nights of my youth. For example the Star Trek Shuttlecraft tent appears to be based on the Mark 6 version. Which was also a modified version of the updated Galileo shuttles.
Star Trek Shuttlecraft - Galileo

Moreover you can see that very type of shuttlecraft in action in 1989’s The Final Frontier!

These Are The Voyages

In addition, here is a fun fact. I actually am one of the outcasts that really likes The Final Frontier. Now of course that you’ve learned I obviously have no taste in film. I think it best to get to the point of this article, the Star Trek Shuttlecraft tent.

Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent - Front

Images courtesy of David Delisle.

The sad news is you cannot purchase this. It is in fact the brainchild of Dave Delisle. From his site he shares that originally this design was intended for a bunk bed. When you get a moment go vist his Geeky Ideas website. Which besides the tent also presents all manner of creative inventions. Case in point this Stanley Cup playoff bracket, inspired of course by 1984’s The Karate Kid.

Image courtesy of David Delisle.

Furthermore, David’s Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent could be rolled up and carried in it’s thrusters!

Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent - Thrusters

Image courtesy of David Delisle.

So while you crafty do-it-yourselfer’s figure out how to make this a reality. I offer you up this YouTube video from TrekWorks featuring the restoration of the original Galileo shuttle.

Star Trek Shuttlecraft Magellan CD Holder

I stumbled across this little Star Trek spaceship at a garage sale last week:

Apparently the Magellan Shuttle Craft was featured in a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and has some history behind it. I’ve already let it be known that I’m more of a Star Wars guy, and as such I did not know the history of this particular ship. My intent was to take it home, put Star Wars figures in it, and call it a win for the Rebellion.

When I got it home, I discovered that it was not a toy, but rather a CD holder.

According to a photo of the back of the box that I found online, The Star Trek Shuttlecraft CD Holder holds 10 CDs when removed from their cases. I doubt any CDs will end up being stored in mine. For now it looks like a good place to store spare bendie alien figures.