Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne’s Dreaming Made Me Lose My Mind!

I’ve not heard of Mayer Hawthorne before today. But to be honest working down in the Retroist Vault means I’m surrounded by about 100 years of retro culture. I find I have no real need to venture up to the surface. Which is the only way I can explain to you how I missed Mayer Hawthorne’s song entitled Dreaming as well as his 2011 album, How Do You Do.
Mayer Hawthorne

In addition to missing Mayer Hawthorne’s album, not to mention Dreaming of course. I also had no idea that he had a music video for it. An absolutely astounding piece of work by Ross Harris featuring Showbiz Pizza’s The Rock-afire Explosion!

I’m not ashamed to admit that many joyful tears started to fill these old eyes watching this video. Not only that, friends. But the video also sneaks in some vintage swag from Showbiz Pizza in regards to the one and only Billy Bob Brockali.

Having pointed that out – Mayer Hawthorne’s video for Dreaming. Also includes the likes of Fatz Geronimo, Mitzi Mozzarella, Beach Bear, Looney Bird, Rolfe DeWolfe and Earl Schemerle, and of course Dook LaRue. Who I must say appears to have an admirer in the video.

For my first Mayer Hawthorne song, I cannot think of a better way to hook me. Granted the song itself is fantastic – has kind of an Electric Light Orchestra vibe to it. Furthermore I think it’s safe to say that Mayer must have been a Showbiz Pizza kid too. There is just too much love shown for the characters of The Rock-afire Explosion for this not to be the case.

[Via] Vevo

Now that you’ve enjoyed Mayer Hawthorne’s Dreaming. Take a moment and listen to The Rock-afire Explosion‘s tribute to the late great Davy Jones.

This video comes courtesy of the The Rock-afire channel and was uploaded after the passing of Jones in 2012. So…you are seeing a new show of sorts!

Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast Episode 023 (Congo Bongo)

For the 23rd episode of the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast the subject is 1983’s Congo Bongo by SEGA – sort of. On this show I talk a little about who actually designed and programmed the game as well as it’s success in the Golden Age of arcades. As always I’ve made sure to share some vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure!

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Our ending theme entitled “River Raid” was graciously provided by the talented Tony Longworth. You can listen to more of his work on SoundCloud!

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Retroist Dragons Lair Podcast

Enjoy This Showbiz Pizza Dragon’s Lair TV Commercial! (1983)

You won’t be seeing Billy Bob or any of his friends that make up the Rock-afire Explosion in this particular Showbiz Pizza television commercial but I have a feeling you’ll be happy nonetheless.
Showbiz Pizza Place
Until I was putting together the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast episode featuring Dragon’s Lair I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing this particular ad before, so a huge thanks to Robatsea2009 for uploading it on YouTube!

Chuck E. Cheese Receives a Make Over

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you’ll remember that Chuck E. Cheese once looked like this:

The earliest version of Chuck E. Cheese can be identified by his red and yellow color scheme, and his “rat-like” facial features including the elongated snout. There are several different versions of the early “Chuck,” but they all pretty much look like this.

In the mid-90s, Chuck received his first big makeover. His trademark derby was replaced with a baseball cap, and his red and yellow color scheme was updated to a funkier purple and green. The 90s were a very funky time. For all the things this version of Chuck E. Cheese gained, he lost at least one thing — his tail. (Some early versions of Chuck E. Cheese also had a cigar; he lost that, too.)

This version of Chuck E. Cheese has been in use from the mid-90s until this month (July, 2012), when the restaurant (in response to sliding restaurant sales) introduced a newer, even more hip version of “the Chuckster.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you “Gen 3” Chuck E. Cheese.

Well now.

As you can see, the hat’s completely gone now. While the first generation Chuck E. Cheese was often shown sporting a cane, this one’s rocking a Gibson guitar. In a coolness battle between walking canes and guitars, I guess I would go with the guitar. The purple and green color scheme is still there on the shirt. I don’t remember what kind of shoes Chuck originally wore (I’m pretty sure he’s barefoot in some of the collectibles I own), but now he’s rockin’ a pair of red Converse shoes. Oh, and the tail’s back.

Chuck E. Cheese’s latest makeover comes along with a voice change. The new Chuck is voiced by Jaret Reddick, lead singer of the band Bowling for Soup. Reddick has already lent his voice to one Chuck E. Cheese song (“Chuck’s Hot New Single”), so maybe along with pizza and video games, Chuck will make his way onto the pop charts as well.

For a bit more information about the origins of the Chuck E. Cheese character, check out the history over at

Saturday Supercade: Mappy

Do you know what is awesome? Mappy. Mappy is one of my favorite arcade games by the way, it was a favorite of mine in my early days of gaming but when I brought it up in school during lunchtime I got that stare, you know the one I’m talking about. Showbiz Pizza was not the first place I played Mappy but since no one ever seemed to want to play it I could easily lay claim to it in my youth. Let me say this, I like the game so much I bought the ‘album’ on Itunes from the Namco sounds page. In the states by the way, it was manufactured and distributed by Bally/Midway.

A huge thanks to Noise Land Arcade for the wonderful photo of the Mappy arcade game in all of its glory as well as the coloring guide for the game from over on their Flickr site.