Disney’s Haunted Halloween

If you’re like me, you’re scrambling right now to get in all your Halloween viewing, reading, and eating before midnight tomorrow. Sadly, I have already watched my beloved Disney’s Halloween Treat/A Disney Halloween this year and I don’t have time to watch it again. But I can see this short educational spot (which I think predates DHT/ADH, even though the YouTuber who put this up dated it at 1984). It features a lot of elements from DHT/ADH, including the talking Jack O’Lantern.

Walt Disney’s Jack And Old Mac – 1956

This is basically two jazz-inclined musical shorts in one. First is a swingin’ rendition of “The House That Jack Built” boasting imaginative animation in which the writing of a word turns into its meaning (such as “cow” turning into a cow, and so on). Second and longer is “Old McDonald Had a Band”, where instrument sounds replace the traditional barnyard noises. With the exception of his displeased wife, Old Mac’s family all jams on musical instruments, even the pets.


[via] Youtube