Inflatable Cylon Chair - Cylon Centurion

Remember The 1979 Inflatable Cylon Chair?!

First of all I will say this. As a kid I didn’t even remotely realize an inflatable Cylon chair had been made. Which is curious as one thing that immediately captured my attention on Battlestar Galactica were the Cylons. In fact we know the inflatable Cylon chair was made but more on that later.

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While I of course loved 1978’s Battlestar Galactica as a kid. I never obtained that many toys that were produced for the TV series. In all honesty there was another space epic whose toys I was contanstly clamoring for. Of course I am referring to Star Wars, naturally. However that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep any eye on the Battlestar Galactica toys when visiting our local stores. I certainly do not recall seeing any commercials or ads for the inflatable Cyclon chair though!

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Now then, just the other day I was flipping through some old science fiction magazines. A fan of the arcade happened to bring them in, it was slow enough that I could flip through them while we talked. When I came across a little article on then upcoming toys being released featuring the Battlestar Galactica property, I did a double take. There in black and white was the image for the inflatable Cylon chair.
Inflatable Cylon Chair

On the other hand, a quick internet search didn’t exactly lead me to used chairs on eBay. Thankfully however another site had something to offer. That of course was the always knowledgeable Plaid Stallions site. Furthermore, Plaid Stallions offered a scan from a GLJ toy catalog. On the site it was explained that while the inflatable Cylon chair was indeed produced, they doubted the vehicles were made and the Cylon Centurion Bop Bag was released as a Shogun Warrior version.

Speaking of GLJ, the company responsible for the inflatable Cylon chair. They weren’t strangers to the marketing the likes of the Shogun Warriors. As is quite evident from this Great Mazinger watch.
Inflatable Cylon Chair - GLJ Shogun Warriors Watch

In addition they certainly produced inflatable chairs and Bop Bags for other famous licenses. Such as Raggedy Ann & Andy, in this case it was an inflatable love seat. Or for those future super-villains in training you could land a few punches on the Amazing Spider-Man!
Inflatable Cylon Chair - GLJ Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy

Inflatable Cyclon Chair - GLJ - The Amazing Spider Man Bop Bag

While I may not have been lucky enough to receive the inflatable Cylon chair in my youth. At least I can take comfort in obtaining a gold-colored Cylon Centurian Leader!

Inflatable Cylon Chair - Gold Cylon

Seriously though, I truly want to thank Plaid Stallions for the GLJ catalog page. Make sure you hop on over by clicking the link to check out even more products that were offered!

Mattel’s Godzilla Shogun Warrior

Shogun Godzilla

At some point in the late 70’s, Mattel were happily importing lots of Japanese robots and branding them as the Shogun Warriors. These robots were predecessors to toys like the Transformers and were extremely cool – especially when Mattel branched out a little to include Godzilla in the line!

With fire-breathing and a fast-and-furious fist, which kid would not want to set up fights between Godzilla and their giant robots?

Shogun Warrior Godzilla

To learn more about the toys, check out Toys to Remember and Wild Toys.

Shogun Warriors Sketch By Jose Johann Jaro

Image courtesy of Jose Johann Jaro

Image courtesy of Jose Johann Jaro

I’m not quite sure who has the rights to the Shogun Warriors these day…but I can tell you that they need to let Jose Johann Jaro take the reins for a new comic book series if this sketch card from his deviantART page is anything to go by.

I can vividly remember the Christmas morning in my youth when I opened up the boxes of the Great Mazinger and Dragun…as well as spending the next few hours of that morning firing projectiles at my Father…my Grandmother…our dog.

The comic shop in my neck of the woods actually has two of the Shogun Warriors for sale and they are really in great condition but the price for them is a little out of my reach at the moment.

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