Mattel’s Godzilla Shogun Warrior

Shogun Godzilla

At some point in the late 70’s, Mattel were happily importing lots of Japanese robots and branding them as the Shogun Warriors. These robots were predecessors to toys like the Transformers and were extremely cool – especially when Mattel branched out a little to include Godzilla in the line!

With fire-breathing and a fast-and-furious fist, which kid would not want to set up fights between Godzilla and their giant robots?

Shogun Warrior Godzilla

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Shogun Warriors Sketch By Jose Johann Jaro

Image courtesy of Jose Johann Jaro

Image courtesy of Jose Johann Jaro

I’m not quite sure who has the rights to the Shogun Warriors these day…but I can tell you that they need to let Jose Johann Jaro take the reins for a new comic book series if this sketch card from his deviantART page is anything to go by.

I can vividly remember the Christmas morning in my youth when I opened up the boxes of the Great Mazinger and Dragun…as well as spending the next few hours of that morning firing projectiles at my Father…my Grandmother…our dog.

The comic shop in my neck of the woods actually has two of the Shogun Warriors for sale and they are really in great condition but the price for them is a little out of my reach at the moment.

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