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Retro Console Second Looks

You are probably used to an NES that looks like this: While that is the most common look for the NES, it is not the only one. Nintendo also put out the NES-101, also called the NES 2 or NES … Continue reading

Bimini Run for the Sega Genesis

Bimini Run was a boat based third person for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It was developed and published by Nuvision Entertainment. The game begins with the kidnapping of a Kim Ohara, the sister of an expert motorboat driver and secret … Continue reading

Air Diver for the Sega Genesis

Air Diver was a combat flight simulator released by Seismic on the Sega Genesis in 1990. It is a combat flight simulator in the vein of After Burner. The big difference is that Air Diver was played in a first-person … Continue reading

50 Sega Genesis Spoilers in 3 Minutes

The Fine Bros have done it again, adding another video to their popular “Spoiler” series. This time they are tackling 50 Sega Genesis games in under 3 minutes. This is of course a follow up to their wildly popular spoiled … Continue reading

Atomic Robo-Kid for the Sega Genesis

This Genesis port was a pretty good one, but not as good as the special edition on the TurboGrafx-16.

DJ Boy for the Sega Genesis

I had very little exposure to DJ Boy back when it came out. I did get to play it a few times, but found it to be a bit boring as Beat em ups went. I was intrigued later in … Continue reading

Thunder Force III for the Sega Genesis

Now with extra FIRE!!!!