Scribble Stix: The Parody

Earlier this year I posted about the color-whilst-bathing crayons known as Scribble Stix and I’ve not thought about them again since. Then, somewhat unexpectedly, Youtuber Dustin Luke got in touch with me about his new Scribble Stix parody commercial which replaces the kids from the original commercial with Dustin and his friends…

I love the idea of remaking old commercials but this one scares me a little as it could so easily venture into more risqu??? territory. Thankfully there is a bloopers reel to counter such thoughts!

Let’s Scribble, Let’s Wash! With Scribble Stix!

Scribble Stix

Another image pulled from the 1988 Coleco Games and Preschool catalog, this time for the “not safe for towels” Scribble Stix!

My parents wouldn’t let me have these for fear of me ruining un-tiled walls, towels, and anything else that my younger self could have scribbled on. Sadly for my children, the same rules still apply and they won’t ever know the joys of scribbling and washing.

The Coleco catalog was found on the Orange Slime website.