Two New Retro Podcasts

Prior to leaving on my cross-country road trip I loaded up on new podcasts to listen to. Here are two new retro-related podcasts that I added and greatly enjoyed listening to.

On the 2600 Game by Game Podcast, Robert “Ferg” Ferguson is attempting to go through each Atari 2600 game (by catalog part number!). Ferg is a long-time fan and collector of Atari 2600 games, and has some great stories to go along with each one. One cool thing about Ferg’s podcast is that he tells you what next week’s game will be and encourages you to write in and share your stories about the game as well.


Next up is’s Escape Pod, by Earl Green.

Earl’s website has long been a repository of all things both geeky and scientific, but his latest foray into the world of podcasting has a unique twist — each episode is five minutes or less in length. These are great to listen to on the way to work, right before bed, or while taking a sh…ort break. If you enjoy trivia facts about science fiction and science fact, check out Earl’s Escape Pod.


Merry Christmas from the Metaluna Mutant

One of the worst things about Christmas is accidentally giving someone a gift that they already have. I eliminated that possibility with my father this year by making him an 8′ tall Metaluna Mutant for Christmas.

My Dad is a fan of 1950’s Science Fiction, so the mutant from 1955’s This Island Earth (the film spoofed in the original MST3K movie) seemed like the perfect choice for a piece of Christmas artwork. Nobody’s going to fight those claws for the last slice of pie this holiday season, no sir!

For a long and detailed look at how I created this monster you can check out this lengthy post on my website that shows every step of the process, from cutting the wood to painting the details.

Mission Mars (1968)

I was looking to post about something else concerning Darren McGavin when this trailer for Mission Mars popped up in my YouTube browser. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of this Sci-Fi film before…but after watching the trailer I’m certainly going to have to try and hunt it down!

[Via] The 42nd Street Mutant’s YouTube Channel…is that a C.H.U.D. reference?

I’ve not been able to find much about Mission Mars except for this “summary” from its IMDB page: “Three American astronauts who land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb.”

Has anyone had a chance to view this film by chance?