Before the Mall of America, People Still Visited Minneapolis (I Guess…)

Despite the festive peppy slant of the brochure’s cover, you have to feel sorry for this circa-mid 1970s promo piece for Minneapolis.*

Mary Richards could only throw her beret in the air so many times before the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce had to move on to another feature to tout. But you get the feeling that the design staff was kind of out of ideas. How else to explain the choice to portray a beautiful city of lakes and parks through distant shots of indistinct urbania, and shade it in blah off-yellows.

One envisions two tired marketers, mid-winter, having dragged their down-coated selves through another airless skywalk above a shivering city, sitting down and having to think up a new campaign. There, in a windowless office, the lady marketer plays with her floppy blouse-tie while her male co-worker, frowning beneath his mustache and aviator glasses, listens to their day tick away. I imagine that they both had visions of a city-state-sized mall with a Bloomingdale’s, dozens of restaurants and a Snoopy-themed roller coaster that would come along and pull them out of their marketing slump. Yet, in the end, they did their jobs.

And, after all of that, the Mall of America isn’t even in Minneapolis, but landed next to the airport in Bloomington.

* Before you Twin Cities boosters fire off your flaming missives, please note: Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of my favorite places to visit. I even leave MOA sometimes.

Nestle’s Triple Decker Bar

The Triple Decker bar was a genius idea. It gave you dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate in each square and in the proper delicious proportion. Not enough people remember them. I had completely forgotten about them myself, until my sister mentioned them in passing and I went to the web to look them up.

When you are looking for a classic candy bar, you are bound to encounter the collection of Jason Liebig on Flickr. It was there I found this high quality scan of an almost pristine Triple Decker Bar Wrapper. It illustrates well, what you could expect from your Triple Decker.

I do not remember any commercials from the era and none were posted online. But I was able to find this one that ran in Australia for their “Triple Bar”. It seems to show the same bar, although the terminology is different.

Get Your Ninja Uniforms in Adult and Child Sizes

In my neighborhood growing up, there was a group of friends (separate from mine), who would dress up like ninjas and roam the town. I am not sure why or what they did. (Solve Crimes?) I was also unsure as to where they got their great gear. I has always assumed flea markets or the Ninja Supply Store, but thanks to Paxton Holley and his wonderful scans, I now know that they probably went all mail-order on their get ups.

Note: If your gonna get a pair of tabis, make sure you do not go economy. It is embarrassing to the entire clan.