The VINCENT Principle

It’s time that we all admitted to a universal truth: that any movie or TV show can be improved by adding VINCENT or one of the other robots from Disney’s The Black Hole. This is a scientifically proven fact that we call The VINCENT Principle.
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It all came to me years ago when I realized that, with the simple presence of a floaty robot buddy aboard the Discovery, 2001: a space odyssey would have turned out completely different – the HAL-9000 would never have been able to embark upon its killing spree with an independent artificial intelligence aboard, capable of stopping it.

2001...with VINCENT

But that’s just moving a robot from one classic sci-fi movie to another. What about jumping genre boundaries? Does the VINCENT Principle still work? The answer is: absolutely.

Xanadu...with VINCENT

Roller disco is not a problem for a hovering robot. And look, just add a bow tie, and he doesn’t look one iota out of place next to Gene Kelly. Very dapper. In fact, VINCENT is adept at any kind of dance routine.

Tuesdays with Morrie...and VINCENT

A touching story of an old man, a young man, a robot from the 356th labor force, and life’s greatest lesson.

Three Men and a Baby...and VINCENT

VINCENT can rattle off pithy literary life lessons and change diapers simultaneously.

The Three Amigos...with VINCENT

The biggest challenge here? Really, just finding a sombrero that fits a hovering robot.

Say Anything...with VINCENT

One has to imagine that, with the ability to levitate, VINCENT is even lighter than a big boom box. But let’s spread the love to some other Black Hole robots too.

Forrest Gump...and Old BOB

Sadly, this pivotal scene from Forrest Gump was left on the cutting room floor. Life is like a box of chocolates and transistors.

North By Northwest...with Maximillian

Thrills, spills, chills, now with drills.

The Usual Suspects...with Maximillian

One red eye, you said? Do you think you could spot him in a lineup?

As you can see, the VINCENT Principle has a 100% success rate: add a robot from The Black Hole to your favorite movie, and see if that doesn’t make the movie better!

Lloyd Dobler Takes Over NYC on 11/3 to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary DVD & Blu-ray release of SAY ANYTHING…

Say Anything

“I gave her my heart. She gave me a pen.” — Lloyd Dobler

Not sure if anyone will be in NYC tomorrow, but this looks pretty cool:

Grab a trench coat and boombox and join the “Mobler” in Times Square! The 20th anniversary of Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut and enduring classic Say Anything…, starring John Cusack (2012) and Ione Skye (Fever Pitch), will be commemorated in true 80s style in the heart of New York City. Dressed in trench coats and carrying boomboxes, a mob of Lloyd Dobler look-a-likes will take to the streets in search of winning back true love. From Union Square to Penn Station to NYU, the Doblers will inspire romance all over the Big Apple and ultimately journey to Times Square for the formation of a full-blown “Mobler” and live concert on the bleachers

Why not pop in on your lunchbreak, just make sure to bring your camera, I am sure it will be a great people watching moment. Its a moving event and will be at the following locations:

Penn Station @ 10AM
Washington Square Park @ 12PM
Union Square @ 2:30PM
Times Square @ 4PM – includes acoustic performance by the indie band Lloyd Dobler Effect beginning at 4:30