Don Rickles

Rest In Peace: Don Rickles (1926 – 2017)

Don Rickles was a legendary entertainer. Furthermore he earned that title through his years of incredibly cutting humor. As well as receiving the moniker of ‘Mr. Warmth’, which was bestowed on him by Johnny Carson in fact. Don Rickles owed his big break in TV thanks to Carson, not that you would see him acting thankful. No, I would add that it caused him to lean in with the insults even more. To say nothing of taking shots at his special guests, like Frank Sinatra.

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I think it is quite important to understand that Don Rickles never actually meant what he said. It was all part of the act. Beyond a life of stand up comedy, Rickles of course worked in film and television. Appearing in everything from The Twilight Zone to Innocent Blood. While he might have best been known in his later years as the voice of Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story animated films and shorts. I remember the very first time I was introduced to him, thanks to a showing at the 62 Drive-In. It was in 1970’s Kelly’s Heroes as the sarcastic supply Sgt. Crapgame!

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I feel that if you really want to see Don Rickles at the top of his game however. You need only take a look at his appearances on the popular The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. For example, I think you will enjoy how he handles the then Governor Ronald Regan.

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On the other hand, Don Rickles was also known to momentarily go after his fellow roasters, temporarily letting the roastee off the hook. Remember I did say temporarily as is proven in this clip from the roast for Jerry Lewis.

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The world is a bit sadder for the loss of Don Rickles, friends. Of course we hockey pucks have a silver lining. And that is Rickles certainly has left us with an impressive legacy. 62 years of solid performances and laughs.
Don Rickles

One of my favorite TV appearances by Don Rickles was his role in the Tales from the Crypt episode entitled The Ventriloquist’s Dummy. The perfect blend of horror as well as humor.

My Bloody Valentine - Saturday Frights

Saturday Frights Vidcast: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Friends, with it being February the 14th, it seemed the perfect time to discuss My Bloody Valentine. Now granted the Projectionist and I haven’t resurrected the Saturday Frights Podcast. But we did in fact decided to put together a special – a vidcast of sorts. Concerning the 1981 Canadian slasher film, the classic My Bloody Valentine!

In the vidcast, which runs about fifteen minutes. I share not just some of the elements I love most about the movie. Additionally I must admit that this is in fact probably my favorite film in the slasher genre. But furthermore the Projectionist and I also give a few fun facts about the film itself. As well as the 2009 remake by Lionsgate – My Blood Valentine 3D.

With this in mind, I do feel I should admit this isn’t going to be like the podcast. At no point do I go into the synopsis of the film itself. On the other hand we do bring up the soundtrack, in particular the memorable Ballad of Harry Warden. Which if you count yourself as fan, the soundtrack is available at Waxwork Records!

Image is courtesy of Waxwork Records.

So when you get a moment of free time, check out the vidcast. Perhaps the Projectionist and I will convince you that a horror movie is the perfect thing to watch today?

From the Projectionist and myself – we wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Hound - H.P. Lovecraft - Roddy McDowall

H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Hound’ Read By Roddy McDowall

I have to file this Halloween treat under the ‘Why didn’t I know about this record my entire life?’ category. As I was investigating another legendary horror actor who had a couple of LP’s filled with ghost stories. I was lucky enough to run across this YouTube video uploaded by David Longhorn, long since removed, featuring Roddy McDowall reading H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Hound’ from 1962! I would be hard pressed indeed to think of a better actor to tackle the works of the author, right?
The Hound - Roddy McDowall - Night Gallery

While sadly it does appear that Roddy only recorded a couple stories from H.P. Lovecraft, I am grateful that internet has made it widely available. I am of course rather biased when it comes to the work of Roddy McDowall. As is quite evident I believe when you take a moment and listen to the Saturday Frights Podcast for Fright Night or even the The Cemetery. Of the the two podcasts, whose subjects feature McDowall, I humbly believe the latter is the superior podcast offering.
The Hound - H.P. Lovecraft - Roddy McDowall

In the 60’s Roddy was appearing in all manner of awesome films and TV shows. The Twilight Zone, The Longest Day, Batman, and of course Planet of the Apes to name a few!

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Besides The Hound, McDowall on the reverse side of the LP, reads The Outsider. Although I have always been partial to The Hound. In fact and I hope you can stifle a laugh, in my youth…I attempted to film an adaptation. In High School our video production club managed to pull off an adaptation of Berton Roueche’s The Lug Wrench. We even won an award for it in a local video festival as a matter of fact.

Emboldened by our success we began aiming for the moon, which is why I suggested The Hound. In all honesty what I had in mind was something similar to The Crate from 1982’s Creepshow. We scouted local cemeteries and started to round up a few actors to fill the few roles…but it just didn’t come together. I am pretty sure I still have some footage of the cemtery we decided upon – one day I might share that too.

It goes without saying that McDowall delivers a far greater product than what our adaptation would have been, right?

Hope you are in the mood for something spooky! Sit back and enjoy Roddy McDowall reading H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hound!

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